The Times In Which We Live


Hawaii SMS.jpgI spent the weekend off the grid and of course, we ran the knife edge of nuclear war. Having lived for a time on Oahu, I have a hard time believing it was an ‘accident’, especially considering the process by which EAS is actually activated. The other side of that coin is also that I’ve lived on Oahu, and the local government is every bit as competent as they appear in this SNAFU. It is what it is- but it ran dangerously close to sparking a possible nuclear war. My assessment is not far from the one contained here, with the most interesting information contained in the comments:

“False Alarm”
Firstly, it’s obvious there’s a cover-up going on. There are steps which have to take place before an alert like that one is broadcast.
I lived on Maui for twelve years, and used it as my home base for…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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