Top Band Magic: The Inverted L on 160M, Part II


This is the second installment of JohnnyMac’s Inverted L antenna project for 160m. Catch the first here. Check out the original on his forum. The ability to build your own gear and get it working is not only a rewarding skill, but both economical and can never be taken away. True preparedness comes from knowledge. 

Article Two – The Execution

The items ordered and purchased locally for the proposed 160-meter, 3/8 wave, inverted ‘L’ was stockpiled in my work shed. I received the afore mentioned pneumatic potato gun i at my local ham clubs Christmas party on December 9th, so I had run out of excuses to not get “cracken” and hoist that bad boy.

I started shooting the mortar shell the next day over the selected trees. It wasn’t as easy as it might sound as temperatures were in the teens and the wind was a steady 10…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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