HF Propagation Prediction Tool


LodeRunner sends the following guide to using the online propagation predictor tool. As most of you with HF experience likely know, the solar conditions have been quite a challenge as of late and will likely be so for a while to come. That said, regional and long haul HF communications are definitely possible even at low power levels provided one has a basic grasp of the way propagation works, how to wring the most efficiency out of their antenna arrays, and the best operating techniques for your intended purpose. One easy way to plan your regional communications is by using the HF Propagation Prediction tool.

On-Line Tools for HF Propagation Prediction

HF communications, and particularly NVIS communications on 160/80/40 Meters, are highly dependent upon conditions in the Earth’s ionosphere, which can change rapidly as a result of solar influences. Being able to predict the “Space Weather” is beyond the capability…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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