Ozarkia: All of the cool kids are thinking it…

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Viking Preparedness has an interesting Patreon based website here.

Here is one of their Youtube videos with over 14,880 (that’s right!) views.

Ozarks – a Refuge for God’s People in End Times

Here is a letter I just received from yet another White family which has recently moved to the Ozarks:

Dear Mr. Roper,

I’m writing this in response to reading your book The Balk !
I am one of those people in your book who has seen the light .  I am fifty-two and a white male now living in south central Missouri also known as the Ozarks . Having grown up on the south side of Peoria Illinois in the 70’s and early 80’s , I watched my neighborhood and others slowly become a cesspool as the black population continued to increase. I was able to move later across the river to East Peoria in 85. But by…

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