Meme 101 – Some More Thoughts

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Commenting on this post, Aesop noted:

1) Thanks, CA, that was one of the best comments on the OP, and I’m glad you up-featured it.

2) mtnforge nailed this: It’s ALL agitprop.
That’s its entire reason for existence.
In the current hyper-politicized reality, agitprop is like money: there’s neither good nor bad, there’s simply agitprop that’s yours, and agitprop that’s not yours.
The goal is that everyday, “all your internetz are belong to us.”
Make the other side wish shitposting was never invented; then, hold their faces down in it awhile longer. Then tomorrow, do it again.

3) Work on quantity. The best way to learn is by doing it. Look at anyone. Learn from others’ mistakes, and steal winning TTPs from the masters.
In case no one told you, none of the renaissance master painters woke up one day and started cranking out masterpieces; they apprenticed by…

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