Stolen valor?

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Network reserves judgement on Eli Kline, a.k.a. Mosley, the leader of Identity Europa, who was recently accused by a New York Times reporter of having repeatedly lied about his military service.

Despite the fact that Mr. Kline has never worked with us, nor in fact supported our public activism, there will be no rush to condemn him from our corner until he has a chance to respond. If he does not, then that will be response enough. Kline has long been vocally critical of White Nationalists with more experience in the movement and public activism than himself.

The multi-millionaire libertarian Richard Spencer, who uses Mr. Kline and Identity Europa as his personal bodyguards and support staff, has already publicly positioned himself to disavow Mr. Kline. The previous leader of Identity Europa, who was a verified military veteran, left the organization following controversy emerged over his armed robbery of…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.