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The Roper Report

By Connor Alexander

From The Purity Spiral

Tradition, Faith, Heritage, Culture, Race, Ethnicity, Community, Destiny: What do these words – symbols of language meant to represent something to those who came before me – mean to a son of the West who has grown up in a world largely destitute of these things? They have been denied to me as a member of the White race and a descendant of European stock, though they certainly have not been denied in modern times to the men, women, and children of non-European stock.

I grew up without any robust sense of the things these words meant to my family and my ancestors. And I have now arrived at my present destination out of a desire for these things – a desire to rekindle the flame of community, ancestry, and destiny. Awakened from what I now describe as a nightmarish slumber, I have…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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