In Praise of “Old School”….

Due to my friend JC Dodge’s post on staying warm when one is ‘out there’ and reading about what he recommends on winter clothing, here, I started to do some digging in my clothing & equipment boxes – I had nothing much left that was ‘old school’.  Mostly modern, post 1970 gear, clothing and equipment.  So, I looked around and found two very nice M-1952 wool long sleeve shirts.  Two for $35, so I snagged them.  When I got them home, they smelled a tad musty, I had them dry cleaned, and voila!  Just as crisp and new as the day they were issued.  I also picked up some 100% wool VERY old school trigger finger mitten liners (they don’t have much nylon, if any at all – they bring to mind the wool mittens my mother and grandmother knitted for me as a kid).  It wasn’t cold enough yet to try them, so they’re in the queue.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.