Kangs Pyramid

This graphic is how the Left says “The only good YT is a dead YT” because nobody can possibly be so masochistic as to clear this pyramid’s thou-shalt-nots. Right?


Top of the Pyramid. These offenses are either serious crimes or they are subject to extreme public censure. I’ve never committed any of the felonies listed under “Calls for Violence” and in the higher tiers. Three caveats: I appreciate cross-burning as a non-violent way of claiming dominion over one’s public space, I like the Confederate flag, and I say the “N-word” freely in appropriate contexts. The other things listed there are not applicable: I’ve never been in law enforcement and I am not a Southerner.

Middle of the Pyramid. This is the “Discrimination” and “Veiled Racism” headers. Unlike the top-third of the pyramid, these are more or less legal and for the most part socially acceptable and commonly practiced, but disapproved of by the Left because as a whole, they comprise effective passive resistance to the various tentacles of White Genocide. The “Bootstrap Theory,” to the extent that it assumes the possibility of freely achieved equal outcomes, is a cuckservative dodge and I don’t subscribe to it. I’ll stop “Culturally Appropriating” when they stop appropriating my land and my civilization. Deal?

Bottom of the Pyramid. The infractions listed under “Minimization” and “Indifference” represent the attitudes and behaviors of people who actively try avoid being seen as racist, even in their own eyes. So why are those things also categorized as White Supremacy? Because a number of them are done by people who are clinging to their last scrap of dignity. But as the graphic shows, conditional capitulation still damns you: We noticed, comrade, that your prostration is insufficiently enthusiastic.

I don’t bother doing the anti-racist half-measures and accommodations at the bottom of the pyramid because when it comes to the evasions listed there (“Not all White people”), most aren’t true and I don’t seek any compromise with the Left beyond tactical avoidance. That’s because I know that they are not looking for a compromise. No, Mr. Bond, we expect you to die!

So yeah, I never say “Why can’t we all just get along?” — I say “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” With the Left, you gain no mercy if you cut back on some of the 14 Words, should the enemy be in a position from which they can dispense mercy and its opposite. To so much as say one word is racist. They want you silenced, bigot.

No-win choice scenarios are scary when enforceable. This goofball Kangs Pyramid is some moron’s PowerPoint slide, a punchline. But Social Justice is a mutation of Communism, which in its Bolshevik form is an expression of Jewish totalitarianism and which isn’t known for its lighter side when it has the muscle.

In accordance with the 1940 NKVD decree in Vilnius, having a stamp collection got you and your family sent to the Gulag. In practice, people were simply rounded up. This typically involved a months-long ride in windowless, unheated, standing-room only cattle cars with one toilet bucket. Instances of derangement, frostbite, starvation, infanticide, and even cannibalism occurred. (Norman Davies, God’s Playground Vol. II, 1982 ed. pp. 447-449).

This is rightie-to-rightie talk. Don’t bother telling libs about the diabolism of Communism because they will enjoy the vicarious feeling of power. The national fissure is deep. I used to think that they are misguided (one gives those he knows latitude) but many are evil. That’s not a banal word. They have corrupt souls and one of the instances in which the evil exposes itself is when they viciously they leap at a weaker person who happens to be less liberal.

In some cases with Millennials, you can blame teenage drug use for cracking their spiritual integrity and allowing in something unclean.

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.