From Over The Transom: NRA Rumint

Western Rifle Shooters Association

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Of note… saw this on 4chan this afternoon (at least where I am at). It may be a LARP, but nevertheless it is useful to consider this and get those letters to your congresscritters ready to go if it proves out (copied here to save readers the work, from here

I work or the NRA – this is a HEADS UP Anonymous (ID: arkVr3Y/) 02/22/18(Thu)03:58:52 No.161408383 [Reply]

I’ve been in the GC’s office for just under 18 months, and yesterday I was apprised of a massive development that’ll go public on Friday.

Many of you will think im full of shit, that’s fine, just screen cap this post so you know you have an anon on the inside when you realize I was for real

“Advancement Leadership” is a big-dick division of the NRA, and has been working on this plan since before the FL shooting


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