Diversity Is Our Downfall

The Roper Report

by Steve Smithers

This is my review and summary of the article linked here:  https://justice4poland.com/2016/05/23/diversity-destroys-social-cohesion-in-the-west/

The quotes are from the article.

“Diversity, or multiculturalism, is a subset of a larger issue: how to maintain social hierarchy not through government but through inherent acceptance and desiring of the same goals and values. This issue is intertwined with social class. The problem is not blacks, or whites, or any other ethnic groups — it’s that combining them destroys cultural consensus and shared values, which are genetically encoded in every population, by averaging two or more distinctive and different cultures.”

The article states that diversity or multiculturalism is a government program that creates problems where there were none.  Political motives are offered to explain the reasons behind the diversity program.  Government and politics are the visible drivers of diversity.  However, it’s really the jews who control the government who are pushing diversity…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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