The Red Guards Are In A Hurry


Lucius Somesuch puts things in context:


We have to make peace with the fact that we’ve been living under perpetual Red Guard siege since the historical Red Guards. Perhaps only now is it reaching the fever-pitch of a true totalitarianism (harmless and non-threatening videos questioning the Florida narrative removed from youtube for ‘bullying and harassment’; the little Antichrist “David Hogg” openly mocking “conspiracy theorists” in that “nah that’s cool yo” way), with full Gramsci Project control of media and academe – “Tell us how diversity has made your life better”. Endless struggle-sessions, endorsed by “capitalist” corporations. A landslide-elected President forced essentially to govern under occupation by a parallel, unconstitutional and seditious “government” doing its own thing, instantly freezing his every initiative, regardless of his complete and unambiguous constitutional prerogatives.

But from the time America’s kids started smoking grass and “dropping” “acid” (horrible thing), we certainly have been spiraling toward…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.