Youtube is using the radically leftist SPLC to decide which videos are “hateful”


Google and YouTube censoring mainstream conservative viewpoints Google and YouTube are censoring mainstream conservative viewpoints

The Southern Poverty Law Center is in the news again. The Daily Caller is reporting that YouTube, which is owned by the fascist corporation Google, is using the SPLC to decide which videos are “hateful”. So, I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone about the SPLC’s past connection to left-wing domestic terrorism.


The Southern Poverty Law Center is assisting YouTube in policing content on their platform, The Daily Caller has learned.

The left-wing nonprofit — which has more recently come under fire for labeling legitimate conservative organizations as “hate groups” — is one of the more than 100 nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and government agencies in YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program, a source with knowledge of the arrangement told TheDC.

First, recall from this article posted at The Federalist that the Southern Poverty Law Center was the source of the “hate map” which was…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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