Khazaria to Israel

The Roper Report

by Tom C. Purcell

What is Khazaria?  Where is Khazaria?  Who are the Khazars?  This article will answer these questions in general but most importantly, this brief article will explain who the Khazars are not.  They claim to be Jews and claim that Israel is their ancient home.  Only, their ancient home is near the Volga River, not the Jordan.

What and where:

740 A.D., King Bulan of Khazaria forcibly converted his empire to the religion of Judaism.  His nation was bordered by Christians on one side, and Muslims on the other.  The prevailing theory is that Bulan, to avoid absorption by either neighbor, mandated that Judaism be adopted by all tribal clans of Khazaria, which consisted of varying pagan and phallic worship up until that time.  Why Judaism over Islam or Christianity is another theoretical, theocratic debate.

From ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ by Arthur Koestler when speaking of Khazar-Ashkenazi-Jew:  “It would mean that their ancestors come not from the Jordan, but…

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