Student Testemonials from the Last Class


I’m always humbled to be able to provide instruction to good people, and the last open enrollment class was no different. But instead of me telling you about it, I’ll let them.

From a well-experienced guy at Carolina Firearms Forum:

I have been following the Brushbeater blog for a while now, enjoy the articles
posted on there, and signed up when he posted up an course here in NC.

The title of the course is RTO (Radio Telephone Operator)

The course is conducted on private property, and has opportunity for accommodations for out of town folks that wanted to camp(we had attendees from as far as Northern Pennsylvania, and as far south as Georgia), and also had options of rooms for rent on site.

Saturday morning started with classroom training, where it initiated by
discussing equipment needs for ham radio/emergency/prepparedness comms.

We transitioned to a discussion on SOI…

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