Question for racialist book readers: does the name of the publisher matter to you?

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Here is an update on the ongoing status of publishing books from a pro-White perspective when you don’t have your own printing press and marketing firm. Amazon is fighting me over the new book ‘Ethnostate’ content, looking for an excuse to pull all of my books, I think. I have them published as second editions through Lulu, but fewer people will buy them from there due simply to name brand recognition and familiarity. Check this out: they are claiming that there is a publishing rights issue because some of the compendium articles in ‘Ethnostate’ were published for free on the internet previously, on my websites. Basically, their claim is that I can’t publish material for profit collectively that I’ve already published for free, separately.

They’ve been giving me hell for a while now: Antifa put many fake negative reviews on my books with one star ratings without reading them, just…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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