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So, I saw this come across my FB feed today, from Sam. I’m going to address it, because there’s a whole bunch of fucking stupid in the comments. Since I’m reasonably certain some of those commenters are also subscribers here, it will probably be wasted effort, but I’m willing to give it a shot….

“Battlefield pickup: Plan for it. Make sure your people know how to clear them, get them into duffle bags, and into your supply channels to be re-issued as necessary. You may keep ammo as needed to replace expenditures, but the rest goes to the S4 for caching and resupply.”

While technically about the closest thing to a legitimate response I saw, this is ridiculously optimistic. In all of the classes I’ve taught, over the last half-decade plus of teaching through the MG blog, including the auxiliary and support classes, nobody—NOBODY—has even come close to having anything near an organizational footprint that this answer would matter too…except the Left.

“This is what I have been chatting with some friends about for a few months. Particularly the myopic ones who don’t understand that the hapless morons will eventually be armed and given some level of training to escalate their own surge. Arming these ppl is the not the next move, but it’s not far off. “

Dunning-Kruger much? “Hapless morons?” These “hapless morons” are off their fucking couches, engaging in the physical violence that the Right yammered about for the last eight years, without doing fuck all. I’m not condoning it, and certainly not supporting it, but intellectual dishonesty about skill at organization, and willingness to engage in violent direct-action is going to get a whole fuckton of “prepared militias” killed dead…and there ain’t no fucking restart to this game.

“They maybe psychologically Conditioning the radical left for kinetic Operations, but it takes years to build capability and capacity. They maybe ten years out if they started today.”

Bullshit. They could go hardcore tomorrow, and be effective, at least for some time. They’ve got organizational infrastructure in place. They’ve got leadership cadre and numbers. They’ve got the will to get violent, right now. What they don’t have is their puppet masters handing them guns and ammo…yet. Sam’s right. It’s an ugly potential that is probably not far off.

Ten years? You’re fucking dreaming.

“The left gas lighted themselves into destroying their gun culture. Where are the black block gun blogs? Training videos? PT videos? Discussion about Intelligence capability? The design of OPSEC programs? How to effectively use Command and Control for tactical, operational and Strategic success? Fuck blogs even where are their white papers? There are none.”

Again, see my comment above about Dunning-Kruger. Intellectual study is important, but getting out from in front of the computer, and getting out and DOING counts for more, and the other side IS DOING.

“A blood bath “

Yep. Because only one side has consistently displayed a willingness to get violent, right now, right here, despite the blatherings of the right about “Molon Labe,” and “From My Cold Dead Fingers,” etc…. Talk is cheap. It will be a number of blood baths, but 99% of the victims are NOT going to be the Leftist pseudo-Anarchists that are willing to fuck shit up, already, without quality weapons at their disposal.

“We get to slaughter them wholesale! YeeeeHaw!”

Ah yes, the redneck, LaVoy Finicum response. How many people you slaughtered tough guy? Nobody? Then, you’re full of shit.

“Are we talking about the Black Bloc types? I can see them going with drive by attacks because they seem to attack in groups and then run away. Don’t expect a standup fight.”

So, they’re smarter than you? Because, I can tell you what….fair fights? “standup fights?” are a sucker’s bet. I decide to go hunting bad people, I’m going to be rolling up to their back door at 0430, while they’re sound asleep, and lighting their house on fire, while they’re asleep inside. I’m only gonna stick around long enough to make sure nobody gets out before the house is engulfed. I’m into winning, not playing macho games.

Look, I get it. It’s fun to poke fun at the opposition. It’s easy to make jokes about “safe spaces,” etc. Those dudes smoking people in the head with bricks? Those people staring down the riot cops, and taking bean bag rounds to the face and chest, to get a chance to lob a brick or a Molotov Cocktail at them? They’re not scared of you, and they’re not looking for a fucking safe space. They’re willing to stand by their convictions, right or wrong.

That doesn’t make them good guys, by any stretch. It does make them far more qualified for the change in velocity of the collapse that we’re witnessing.

People have been talking smack since election night, about how now, the Left was going to go away, because POTUS wasn’t going to put up with their shenanigans. Well, he may not, but it’s going to take a lot more to stop them than people are ready to understand.

I’m not even saying that won’t happen, but if you’re sitting here, talking shit on your computer, instead of DOING shit, and TRAINING, and PRACTICING for how you’re going to REALISTICALLY respond to this shit, when it shows up in your neighborhood?

You’re full of shit.


  1. Spot on!!

  2. Right on point, add to the mix battle experienced muslims and gangbangers used to violence and were already behind in the O.D.A . Loop .

  3. lastmanstanding 

    Many of us are just patient. No offense to Mosby as I am a reader of his blog.

    Many of us live in communities that “appear” to be functioning “normally”. Some of us have businesses to run, jobs to do, lives to live.

    In no way are we asleep to wtf is going on…just patient and rational. We know who is within the wire. I know a lot of people who see this bs going on. No one likes it, not one fucking bit, but they are patient as well.

    Our household and others are doubling up on everything…PT, food production, neighborhood awareness, all phases of security, etc.

    A day is coming, no one knows the out come, but to say they have the edge and have taken the initiative while we sit and watch is complete and utter bullshit.

  4. Thank you Sir, you seem to take the words out of my mouth and phrase them so much more eloquently then I can !

    Keep preaching the truth of things as they are, and will be, you are saving countless lives by doing so.

  5. 1960’s every American inner city had weapons training sponsored by red star commies trained in Cuba or China . All the Bros and sisters as well as their white comrades were instructed in guerrilla tactics honed in Angola ,Vietnam and other hot spots. Don’t underestimate a skill taught by uncle Remus or aunti Angela Davis types to a new generation of starry eyed anarchist. Dead is dead the threat is next door or at the local mall. Doesn’t matter who pulls the trigger a special spetznaz or some burka waring broad manning an RPD in Yemen or a crazy libersl broad and her splib boyfriend at a traffic stop.


      Word. I ran into a lot of those folks in SoCal in the 1970s when I was a Deputy Sheriff. Never, ever underestimate your enemy. Have a plan, have an escape route. Show no mercy.

  6. Not everyone will act when the time comes, just a small percentage. Lately I see Trump as potential time delay fuse.
    “Americans are going to have better choices and Americans are going to have better products because we’re not going to burden the banks with literally hundreds of billions of dollars of regulatory costs every year,” White House National Economic Council Director, and former Goldman president, Gary Cohn said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “The banks are going to be able to price product more efficiently and more effectively to consumers.”
    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of regulation but trust me when I say this guy is selling a bag of dicks at best more likely he’s intent on pimping out your grandma til she dies then taking her gold teeth. People just don’t learn. Drain the swamp? Goldman IS the fucking swamp.

    • again on point with Tom……………..keep telling the ….MORE……painful truths…….got to sink in some day………………?

  7. While the above post is true, IMO the battle for the political mind of the nation is being currently Won by Liberty forces via the Trump revolution.
    Elected Elitist DemocRats are dying on their rhetorical swords, and the Street Anarchists are swaying the populace Away from the Leftists due to their anti 1st amendment pogrom, and Failed Economic policies.
    I would advocate for a “Judo” mindset, let them have some rope to hang themselves. This is not to negate individual or even organizational preparations, but to stand ready, “to see the whites of their eyes” as policy.
    Stepping out too soon is a mistake, and it is too soon for kinetic action, while public peaceful demonstrations like the recent March for Life are very productive in the current political scene.
    Do not mimic the Leftist enemy at this time, It is a mistake. Stand your ground by all means, but with discernment.
    Just my opinion as a pro liberty, very conservative, armed and civilian trained citizen. Let the Trump train clear out more Leftist debris for us.

    • I agree with this. Also consider the asymmetric response of the government, to violence by the left vs violence from the right. That in itself should make us a bit reticent. One other thing is the disparity in tools. The left has rocks to break windows and molotov cocktails (not used against buildings much yet) and sticks to beat people with. We won’t be using those things; instead we have rifles. Think about the difference in reporting in the two cases. There are very good reasons not to be too quick off the blocks. Only individual defense against a beatdown makes sense for us at this point. Things have to cook some more. Anyway the left are losing the PR game big time, at the moment. Why interrupt that?

      • Grey Ghost 

        Don’t rule out fire (molotov cocktails) just because you have a rifle and are proficient with it. IMHO, that is a mistake.

        Grey Ghost

      • Jimmy the Saint 

        “Anyway the left are losing the PR game big time, at the moment. Why interrupt that?”

        You know, the Hutu Power guys were losing the PR game in Rwanda, too, but that didn’t really help us much.
        – Zombie one millionish Tutsis

  8. “People have been talking smack since election night, about how now, the Left was going to go away, because POTUS wasn’t going to put up with their shenanigans. Well, he may not, but it’s going to take a lot more to stop them than people are ready to understand.

    I’m not even saying that won’t happen, but if you’re sitting here, talking shit on your computer, instead of DOING shit, and TRAINING, and PRACTICING for how you’re going to REALISTICALLY respond to this shit, when it shows up in your neighborhood?

    You’re full of shit.”


  9. John S. Russell 

    It should be obvious that there is leadership with: a) followers committed to violence (as marked by covered faces and armed with that which is necessary to execute the violence — firebomb, …) and b) the “hangers-on” (useful idiots). Mosby is absolutely correct about the ones that matter: type a) followers.

    • Both Pete and I posted this:

      They are organized like militias. They actively train and practice their operations. They have discipline and zero tolerance for weakness. They have a number of former military personnel providing expertise to enhance security, logistics and martial arts capabilities. The majority are physical fit, military age males. They are primarily white with few minority members. Their leadership tends to be either former military, a proven leader from the occupy movement or a highly educated alpha-male. They are far more capable than their recent activities would demonstrate. They have formed community defense organizations and are idolized for their willingness to take action from the other groups discussed above.

      One may think they are idiots and morons… but they are “snowflakes”.

      • That should have said: One may think they are idiots and morons… but they are NOT “snowflakes”.

  10. Thomas The Tinker 

    Ahmen. Hows it go… “the difference between confidence and conceit is the ability to perform.”

  11. Here’s the scoop. Yes, the communists and anarchists are very well organized and somewhat trained, because they have billions of Soros, Tides, and other foundation money. As Berkeley shows, they also don’t have to worry about the cops, who are told to stand down…..Those are the facts.

    • interesting, though, that the Berkeley Police Chiefette told the truth about the situation: “the violent rioters were brought in from outside. Masked and wearing what amounted to uniforms”. i.e., (((Soros))) “color revolution” rent-a-thugs.

    • NorthGunner 

      Sorry to burst your bubble but this anarchist has NO use for puppet master/useful dupe sorros or any other would be slave master no do I have ANY tolerance for collectivism of any sort whether that be communism, fascism, democracy (mob rule) or the fiction of a ‘constitutional republic’ as the constitution created a RULING CLASS (Ken Royce properly drove the wooden stake of truth through that vampiric gov myth with his “Hologram of Liberty”, also read L. Spooner). Nor do I have any tolerance for the paid collectivist morons running rampant hurting people and breaking or burning private property.

      People forget what anarchy means. It doesn’t mean ‘no rules’; it means NO RULERS!. There are 3 rules that I follow in my life as an anarchist:

      1. No aggression against any innocent person (see the Zero Aggression Principle) I don’t have the right to start a fight; my only right to use force is for DEFENSE only!

      2. Respect other people’s property and privacy; live and let live as long as they’re willing to accord the same to me and mine.

      3. Honor all commitments, promises and agreements fairly and openly, even to my own hurt if necessary…when I give my word to someone or ‘shake’ on a deal, my word IS my bond and that handshake IS binding as a matter of personal honor and commitment.

      That’s it, no having to ‘consult a lawyer’ about or ask ‘is this legal?’
      Being an anarchist means that I OWN myself and all the products of my life just as every other individual OWNS their lives and the product of their lives; I have no right to anyone else’s life, etc nor does anyone else have any right to my life or anything associated with it…I work for my own stuff, mind my own business and allow others to do the same; I don’t attempt to aggress or steal from others via ‘gov/authority’.

      I don’t need a ‘president’, representative or any other collectivist narcissistic sociopathic parasite/false priest from the cult of ‘gov/authority’ to guide me, save me from myself, or have anything at all to do with my life…I’m responsible wholly for my own life and ALL my actions and consequences that arise from those actions. I don’t shirk that responsibility/consequences by hiding behind a ‘gov’ babysitter/nanny nor do I attempt to evade adult responsibility by ‘palming it off’ to a fictional entity called ‘gov/authority’.

      I promise not to rob you or to vote for someone else to rob you; it’s
      that simple!

      The paid agitators and useful dupes running amok, assaulting innocent people and damaging private property may call themselves anarchists to any useful media moron with a camera and a mike but they are NOTHING like me nor do they have any of the principles or ethics that i have just described that lead my life as an anarchist. They are hooligans, thugs and violent different from the badged orcs that run amok doing the sociopath classes bidding or the moslem invaders of military age.

      Here’s a few videos that may help for those who genuinely wish to understand anarchism:

      What Anarchy Isn’t

      If YOU Were King

      The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose

      Larken Rose – Mass Mind-Control

      The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

      Undoing Authoritarian Indoctrination

      Larken Rose: Government is an Illusion

      Let’s Make a Deal

      The statists here continue to drink the collectivist control koolaide (and it’s truly amazining how their heads pop when anyone offers any alternative to statism/gov worship). That’s their right and I have no right to save them from themselves.

      My purpose in stating the above is to share and inform those who
      are open to a message of freedom and sanity..a way of living peaceably and in voluntary cooperation with others who wish to do the same (no, those that know me on here know I’m no pacifist; I wouldn’t have a Fn-Fal or Glock if I were such a suicidally minded individual).

      Perhaps Charlie Chaplin said it best here:

      Charlie Chaplin: The Greatest Speech Ever Made

      Yours in Liberty via anarchy!
      NorthGunner III

  12. You have to get to know your neighbors and get into the topic with them and gauge if they are useful or not. If they are, get to work. If not, MAKE them useful, bring them up to speed and then get to work.

    I just moved to my rural bug out location in a tiny farm town and I’m working to find the pulse of the place. I’m going to the co-op meetings, the town council meetings, visiting the neighbors to offer help with anything they need or just to say hello, etc. Find the people who will stand with you and then stand them up. The beginning is the hardest part, and finding the brain-dead drones is discouraging. But drive on.

  13. This is a fantastic analysis. However, one question. Why the swipe at LaVoy?

    • ………………’s called being pissy………..Finicum was far from some …DUMB REDNECK……….he was the leader you want to see and was communicating and educating………he did well………..catching the flak proves it.

      • Grenadier1 

        He did well up to the point that he drove into an obvious ambush.
        Now going back over videos and accounts of the incident, I absolutely believe that he exited his truck with the intent of drawing attention and fire away from the people inside of it. That said however it was a string of bad leadership decisions that put them on that road, and in that situation to begin with.
        In the aviation community its called Pilot error.

  14. The lefties have the same infrastructure to support their activities that have been in place since the 1960s. They are conducting activities at which they are both well practiced and adept. Only the useful idiots change.

    As I try to remind people about battlefield acquisition, the guy you just offed may have had only 20 rounds on him because he was going to off you and take your stuff.

  15. Steve Irwin 

    The over confidence within much of the conservative spectrum is at dangerous levels.

    As multiple people have pointed out, in many ways we face david vs goliath, where the left is goliath. They have infrastructure, funding, boots on the ground, and the will to engage.

    In order for David to overcome that goliath, a well developed & effective intelligence resource is required. Identify the critical command and control nodes as well as the logistics nodes.
    At that point a small dedicated group cam apply significant pain to those points and disrupt the greater organization. It’s fantasy to think this is going to be a bunch of high speed right wing operators dropping a crowd of protectors over a beer.

    • Jimmy the Saint 

      Most of the conservative side of the spectrum can’t get away from the idea of “two election cycles, and we can fix everything”. They simply can’t take the Left at face value – no matter how often their shock troops say they wan the Right dead.

    • “In order for David to overcome that goliath, a well developed & effective intelligence resource is required. Identify the critical command and control nodes as well as the logistics nodes.”

      How do you think Trump and his operatives/advisors won the nomination, the election and, so far, have been out foxing and beating the shit out of our enemies since?

      Lack of intelligence? Not identifying the “nodes?”

      Think they don’t know who’s who?

      900 State Dept. traitors and running dogs… gone! Etc.

  16. Some Guy in WA 

    Let’s face it, an awful lot of the people on the right who have been amassing weapons, food and supplies, and even conducting training for some time – again, even the people who take this very seriously – are frankly not going to do anything because they are too comfortable and, I’ll say it, too old.

    I’m not saying that they CAN’T contribute because of age and comfort – but rather that they WON’T.

    Mosby has talked about this extensively – there is no shame in being support cadre. In fact, it’s probably more important at this stage to develop the intel, support, training and logistical networks and capabilities.

    If you haven’t already done so, start organizing, training and equipping your young, trustworthy male relations NOW.

    Bracken covers a lot of ways that older guys can be very effective at defending their community and civilization. I’m willing to bet that older guys here have way more unpapered firearms that do not have a credit card or paperwork “footprint” for the gun, ammo, equipment, parts, etc. just because of the evolution of gun laws over the past 20 years. A high school football team has better “raw material” for a fighting force than fifty 65 year old hardened combat vets. Again, they CAN’T become a fighting force without the training, guidance and wisdom of the combat vets. Please understand what I am saying here.

    The youth who are clued in – I’m not really among them as I am technically middle aged – understand what we are up against, and it is NOT going to be a walk in the park. Stop kidding yourselves and get to work if you really care about the future of our civilization, versus posturing.

    • Jimmy the Saint 

      Yep. Revolutions/wars are won by the young. Demographically speaking, Team Liberty’s got some staffing problems at that level.

    • Wars are fought by the young because they need a lot of strength and endurance; old farts don’t have that. But what they do have is “nothing left to lose” because they will be in the grave in a few years. As long as the operation does not require humping large amounts of gear around, the duffers can get the job done.

    • As we say in the south, if you can’t shoot, you say praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition! We r waiting on the war against. Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition!

  17. Read this and then re-read it! This is a good analysis. Pecking at keyboards means zip in coming confrontations… prepared are you to defend your values…will you spill blood?

  18. Many things I agree with here. But although the radical left may be better organized in some places around the country, they are a non-issue in many other locations. Until we see how deals are cut at the federal/multinational/corporate level, the state/county governments are still very relevant in how they handle protests, consequences, gun laws, etc. I wouldn’t want to be in CA, but AZ is a different world by comparison. What I’ve seen so far is local rabble and local problems that could sputter out. We’ll know this by summer. Know your AO but don’t assume your situation is anything like mine 1-7 states away. Sure, there might be a situation where the sheriff calls on all able bodied men because a governor can’t or won’t send help, but that’s still a local problem.

    I’ll be clear about this: the nation is not in a civil war until the guys wearing West Point rings are shooting at each other.

  19. These agitators are actually pretty small in numbers…it’s only a matter of time before they get bused into an arena that is setup to give them a real heros welcome. When your side is winning you tend to grow a set of magentas..

  20. in the end. the cops, along with DHS goons will side with tyranny.
    king orange has their backs…

    it’s where the $’s at…

    meanwhile the cops are still doing what they do best…

    Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, February 1, 2017:

    Gwinnett County, Georgia: An officer was fired after driving on a sidewalk and hitting two pedestrians while responding to a call.
    Update: Grand Rapids, Michigan (First reported 01-30-17) Three officers who improperly aided a prosecutor after his wrong-way crash have been recommended to be fired. They will not face criminal charges in the case.
    Update: Agawam, Massachusetts (First reported 01-20-16): Two of the three officers fired after a videoed use-of-force incident against a detainee have won their appeals of termination. They will receive back pay. The third terminated officer’s appeal is still pending.
    Danbury, Connecticut: An officer was charged with breach of the peace for using unnecessary force against a handcuffed suspect.
    Update: Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (First reported 01-27-17): A deputy who was arrested for domestic violence has been fired.
    Cleveland Heights, Ohio: A now-former officer pled guilty to tampering and theft for stealing $3,000 from the City while collecting impound fees.
    Prichard, Alabama: An officer was arrested after his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend complained about harassment.
    Update: Washtenaw County, Michigan (First reported 12-26-16): A lieutenant pled guilty to a lesser charge after his arrest for a “super drunk” driving violation. His BAC was almost three times the legal limit.

    • The cops and military who know how to fight voted for Trump.

      • you’ve been had.

        trump is a useful tool for the NWO.
        He was allowed to “win” to pacify the right. the murkins have fallen for the bait , and are now in the trap that’s about to sprung.

        There never was a way out of this. don’t feel bad, you have lot’s of company.

        these fuckers don’t give a shit about you.

  21. There has been MUCH,MUCH MENTAL MASTURBATION and no action. We of age are going to be gone due to age attrition and few young to replace us. No Resistance leaders like in Europe.No largemarches/protests nor open conflicts with the Antifas. Just a lot of old sods in front of a keyboard…. oiling up their HI Points with their bright red Walmart back packs and nylon sleeping bags by the back door, for “When the flag goes up”

    • National leaders will emerge when the timing is right (they may already be in place).

      We are fortunate to have held our fire to allow our enemies to justify violence and demonstrate who they are. And they are close to projecting that violence on the everyday folk (not just “dangerous faggots”). Give them time to lose, they will get more desperate, and forfeit more legitimacy.

      Do you have local leaders? Do you have a neighborhood watch? Do you PT so your body can do what is necessary? Who is your doc? Who moves things in your AO? Comms? Who is good for a watch in the night night? Who can patrol? I worry more about this than leadership because these are the building blocks.

      It is right for us to be aware, alert, and ready. But it is also important we are prepared to beat them where/when it counts.

    • Hence the Trump placeholder? I’m still watching what he DOES vs what was said, so far some good actions but I remain skeptical. I think your theory is likely correct. The generations behind us are in trouble and most don’t even know it. We r it. For better or worse.

    • I think there will be far fewer of us but when it costs something it sorts out the chaff from the wheat in a hurry.

  22. Mosby: You are a little tough on Mr Finicum…. easy target. He certainly was not of your suggested mindset. That being said, agree with the balance of your analysis,sir……..

  23. Nope.
    No sale.

    The Free Shit Army isn’t coming to my neighborhood, or anyone else’s. They’ll be staying downtown, or on campus, in their “safe spaces” where TPTB have “given them room to riot”.

    Because if they head out to the ‘burbs, they’ll meet pissed off homeowners who need their homes left the fuck alone, and need their cars to get to work in the morning, rather than meeting a bunch of pussy-whipped Kampus Klown Kops using LTL toys.

    They aren’t going to manifest any of that swagger after they have to face a hail of buck&ball, and when suburbia plays for would-be rioters the song of their people, it will sound like (and look like) Tiananmen Square, and be exactly as one-sided for the rabble.

    And when the media finally shows up (because they finally have a place to report from where they and their camera crews won’t be robbed, or have the shit beaten out of them), they’ll report that an armed mob, intent on firebombing dwellings occupied by women and children, got shot to doll rags by ordinary folks, and that no charges will be filed. Because there won’t be a grand jury for 500 miles that would return an indictment for anything less than decorating one’s fenceposts with severed heads with genitals shoved in their mouths. Probably not even then.

    Because that’s where the media tards live, along with the cops and firefighters.
    First aid for said rioters at that point will be a crack across the nose with 3 feet of oak to see if they’re dead or not. And the dead ones will be left where they lie, while the lives ones will be cracked a few more times to make sure.

    Meantime, if they want to trash the banks? Burn down UC MoscowBerkeley?
    Fuckin’ A, let them go wild!

    Ain’t no need to emulate that level of stupid.
    “When your enemy is making a monumental strategic blunder, stay the fuck out of his way.”

    The banks and businesses downtown will bend City Hall over in private for that cock-up in a manner that the Borgias or the chekawould admire, and in ways that would warm the heart of an Apache with a captive cavalry trooper.

    You could hand out guns to that mob wholesale, and all you’d get would be an armed mob, instead of a largely unarmed one.
    There wouldn’t be any fair fighting; they’d be taking casualties from blocks away, from “rooftop Koreans” using semi-autos and bolt guns, behind cover and concealment, and at fit distances for men to shoot.

    That armed mob would become a target-rich impact area, and scatter to the four winds after a volley. They wouldn’t be doing any infiltration, house to house, reduction of strongpoints, etc.
    They’ll be unassing the area at the speed of Nike tennis shoes, and trying to find their car keys, or flag down Uber to GTFO of Dodge.
    It will be known as the Battle of Who Run.

    A lot of them would still be laying in the street the next morning, and then the shit would really hit the fan.
    The survivors would be rounded up like rabbits, and run to ground from hedge to hillside, after the hue and cry went up on local police nets, and fare about as well as the Children’s Crusade.

    And then they’d find out that the US Attorneys and the FBI isn’t working for Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder anymore, and that once the feds have a target (or 3000), they’ll comb pretty fine to sort out who was doing what, when, and where. Cellphone metadata and GPS coordinates will make it damned easy to tag the rioters present, even without the black hoodies and gunshot wounds in their asses.

    Other than those closest to the initial volley fire, the main PT necessary for decent people at that point, however good and profitable it is otherwise, would be carrying the beer and popcorn in to sandbag their lounge chairs and watch the show on the news as the idiots were tried in batches, like during the French Revolution, only without the satisfaction of the Mme. Guillotine ending.

    Extrapolating how rough and tough these fuckwits are, based on ganging up on a thoroughly defenseless soft target is pointless; their one defining characteristic is their gutlessness, and their secondary trait is inability to organize anything but a flashmob, with a commensurate level of cohesion and effectiveness.

    Looking at the after-actions and photos shot surreptitiously during the Berkeley festivities, had so little as one person sat on a rooftop and started lobbing some half a dozen of Comrade Molotov’s libations amongst the whole crew downtown, there would have been dozens among the FSA set alight, total panic and chaos, and the rioters themselves blamed for it all.
    But it didn’t happen. More’s the pity.

    (Just for reference, how many people took on the cops in Dallas not too long ago? Yeah, thought so. And the rioters weren’t nearly as well-coordinated as the Dallas PD was on the day, so someone even moderately intrepid could probably have done their deeds, and scampered off unmolested and unsuspected in perpetuity.)

      • X2.

        I don’t remember reading the stories about the OP taking up arms like he espouses. Sounds like a keyboard commando.

    • Thermidorian Reaction.

    • there you go again, spinning fantastic tales of make believe.
      they are already in YOUR neighborhood.

      anyone receiving .gov benefits could be considered a member of the FSA army.

      if they are on any type of Social Security(no matter what anyone thinks about some mythical “lockbox”)…

      military, government, pensions.
      Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps
      Housing assistance
      Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
      Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), or cash benefits
      General Assistance
      FHA loans

      the list goes on and on. but don’t let reality get in your way of fantasy.

      • That would be “no one”.
        You don’t know my neighborhood.

        But don’t let reality get in the way of your fantasy.

        • then you aren’t in a “neighborhood”

          even rich folks are on the dole in some form or another. but of course, you know everyone’s personal business – right?

      • Granted, both sides are on the dole. That does not imply our side won’t kick their asses.

      • Notarealperson 

        Coming from a guy hiding out in Canada and on the dole, that’s sweet.

    • what Aesop writes may be true in his OA. Not in others, certainly not in mine. Here in central Coast Mexifornia, La Raza/BLM/Antifa etc. will be marching up the street with close police escort and absolute regime protection. The local suburban whites will be curled up on the floor in fetal position. I expect weeks if not months of chaotic violence before things begin to sort out into coherent “sides”.

    • Notarealperson 

      Kudos and spot on.

  24. All of this is very interesting and some what informative although there is one very critical fact missing. Control of the media and popular opinion. Media will be able to take good people and turn them into anything they want. If we did what they,( the rioters) do, the local,state and feds would be on our ass so fast it would be over before a single headline got out. Control the media, you control the masses, it’s been happening for a long, long time. Or take the media out of the equation. See those pretty towers?

  25. Finally someone who understands how civil wars are fought. Civil wars are ugly and brutal and if you decide to fight fight to win, period.

    Antifa an organization born at the bosom of the marxist of Europe are the agitators causing the riots. They are well funded and have many vets in their ranks. Do not underestimate their abilities.

    Antifa are a dangerous group.

    Never underestimate your enemy.

  26. “Kris Kristofferson penned the song “Me and Bobby McGee” back in ’69, and even though recorded earlier by other folks it was made famous in a post-humous release on the album “Pearl” by Janis Joplin. The most famlous line from that song was, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”, which in some cases is indeed the case. Conversely, in most of them, both during that era and the one we are presently inhabiting, it is more along the lines of “Freedoms just another word for not owning a damn thing and therefore I have nothing to lose.” And in truth they never cared about working so that they could own anything.

    There are your “foot soldiers”, your “shock troops.” They are full of envy and hatred and they think about you every waking moment of their lives.

    To the contrary, their “civilized” opposition either went into the trades or off to college and then into the workforce. As with their predecessors, they married, bought homes, had children, blah, blah, – blah, blah.

    These folks have “something to lose” even if they have more actual, measurable “freedom” than the anarchist revolutionaries who wish to destroy both them and the civilization they hope to maintain and pass on. The problem is that “something to lose” aspect keeps folks “civilized” because they actually do have a lot to lose. In fact because of both real-life responsibilities and the understandable wish to keep what you have earned creates a sort of psychological paralysis when it comes to taking action, either individually, in small groups or on a macro-scale.

    The reason is rather simple. Prison sucks and you lose everything, including that freedom thing. Ergo, you sit on your ass and hope that somehow the government which has caused this mess and promoted those who are the Destroyers will somehow do an about face, protect and defend constitutionalists and magically clean this decades in the making mess all up for us. And if that doesn’t work, re-read the article.

    Here’s a spoonful of Castor Oil Reality. Trump or not, the entirety of the government, the “we were here before him and we’ll be here after him” entirely hates your guts. They’d even eat your guts and call it “Patriot Haggas” or something. Paycheck, baby, Retirement and health benefits. Half of those around you would turn you in for nothing if they were prosecutorially threatened for jaywalking if you stood up for anything, so there you sit. 95% of you live in the Burb’s, can’t grow and don’t know how to grow food, are hooked to the grid and addicted to everything electronic, do range work maybe once a month and “go to the sticks” maybe twice a year – camping with the kids and the other time “hunting” with your beer-swilling-buddies.

    This damn deal isn’t going to go down in the sticks. It’s going to go down where that 95% of “you/is” live. If you are a “bugger-outter” and are going to run to cannibal land, that’s where the M.R.E.’s run out, what you are going to end up doing is killing your co-patriots instead of the enemy. Nice move.

    You lived and still live in the city because it’s comparatively easy and you helped let the place go to hell. After all, did you go to City Council meetings to stop anything? To School Board meetings? Planning and zoning? No, you did nothing. Then things get dicey so you run away to the hinterlands and kill some hard-working family whose been working the soil and raising their kids right by homeschooling and working with them in 4-H and FFA while you did public schools and joined the bowling league and even worse, you let your kid play soccer, you theiving, murdering, selfish bastard.

    Here’s the skinny –

    They leftists are organized in a manner in which we can only dream of. One stroke of a keyboard or one text over a “phone” and regardless of where the chosen geographical location is they pour out of the woodwork like ants. How can this not be noticed? For decades (revisit the “Days of Rage” article published nine days back, and I recall those times in “first-person) the revolutionary left have been essentially protected by the U.S. Government and in particularl over the last eight.,To the contrary if any patriot-minded group had attempted to organize in such a manner it would be destroyed in weeks and its members tried and imprisoned for decades on end. Most of you have never even heard of Elohim City, but that place was fed-run within months of it going live and they knew everyone and everybody and everything that was not even mentioned out loud. Look it up.

    Remember, for guerilla tactics to work there absolutely must be a sympathetic population to conceal the members. Urban areas are rife with the physical aspect and over-populated with sympathetic partisans.

    Whatch you got’s, brother?

    • So which is it?

      Our fault for doing nothing as white fathers or the deep state protects the commies?

      The answer is B.

      See my link above to PA’s article.

    • Grenadier1 

      Golf clap, sir I salute you.
      Its like reading things I have said here for years.
      Mosby was spot on with his reply. I saw the initial post by Sam and the responses and had about the same reaction. Its understandable as they were off the cuff remarks with no serious consideration for content, but they are indicative of the FREEFOR attitude.
      It is the civil constraints that we have that keep us on the porch. It is the reason that to many “faketriots” draw the line at their own door step. The left will state their disapproval by marching with a stupid sign or a giant puppet head. Thats about as effective as scotch tape on a fault line. The “faketriot” is no different. They will type and post and buy more ammo but they have no desire to really actually do anything like organize or train or much else.
      The FREEFOR attitude is to continue to look inwardly and dismiss anyone who is not a “gun guy” as incapable, non-serious and inept. The fact is that protest at Berkley has generated more media, and conversation than all non-Bundy FREEFOR activity for the last 5 years combined.
      They organized that protest in a matter of days and had more protestors than all of the participants of our pro-gun capital demonstrations in Georgia ever had combined.
      Quantity has a Quality all of its own, they can put thousands on the street in hours. What they lack is the courage to direct these forces in our direction, but they are working that courage up.
      You will continue to see internet memes, postings and messages that conflate anyone pro-Trump with Nazis. This is done to give moral cover to their rank and file. It is done to gird their loins and gin up the blood. Already we are seeing justification for the attack on Richard Spencer (Its okay to proactively punch a “nazi”). Soon this message will ramp up, and much to the dismay of the suburban patriot, the armies of Mordor will begin to point to Main Street and these professional protestors will be coming to your small town. They will be emboldened and dare you to counter protest so that they can attack you and yours.

      In the Lord of the Rings we see played out in the final book this very thing.
      The army of darkness stands at the gates to the last bastion of Men. The White City of Minas Tirith.The city is held in check by a delusional steward, a failed man, who holds the throne of leadership while the King is absent. No one will stand, no one will do anything but half measure and failed efforts to repel the army of Mordor. It is only when the Rohirrim, a viking like people, throw off their own inaction and awaken to ride to the relief of the white city.

      Do not underestimate the power of these leftist turds.
      Individually they may be weak, but they do not function as individuals.
      They are a mass army, and we are not the Rohirrim at least yet.

  27. Many contend that HUSSEIN obama printing (trillions) press has gone to strategically deploy the enemy throughout America, they are just waiting for their leader to make the muslim call to action.

  28. This was another ‘yawn event’. They protested against a confused gay man speaking. The discourse after is bs. Yeah, some property was vandalized.

    The woman’s March littered dc streets with trash. Damn ho bag litter bugs.

    Power still on, tv works, majority of the pop is still very comfortable, and so are the cops and protesters that attended the event.

    The drama is not required unless you are a fucking woman. Quit wasting energy and mind your own.

    The problem is bigger than one nation or all the different ideologies that exist and conflict. Human population is increasing on a planet that has a decaying and changing natural environment which is only going to accelerate. Plus the utility of many humans is being replaced by tech. There is a threshold that is tbd, human induced or other, tbd.

    • “The problem is bigger than one nation or all the different ideologies that exist and conflict. Human population is increasing on a planet that has a decaying and changing natural environment which is only going to accelerate. Plus the utility of many humans is being replaced by tech. There is a threshold that is tbd, human induced or other, tbd”

      Transhumanist trash. Death to all that shit and those who espouse it. Enough of the narcissistc elitism… this is the worst yet. Agenda 21-30, self styled de-‘terminators’ for the rest of us useless eaters/drones/breeders/plebes.

      I’ll say it again: death to you all.

      • Take it easy Babyboomer. Babyboomer time is up. Accept it, no choice. Trump phenomena will lay a big old rotten egg which will be the capstone of babyboomer legacy. Decay is accelerating. Realization is here, the timing is different for each individual, but is coming. Unless one is void of logic and driven by belief. Future generations will despise.

  29. Nate Krummholz 

    Good post.

  30. 1. When we engage in a peaceful occupation (Malheur, Bundy Ranch) we are arrested, jailed for a year or two waiting for our right to a speedy trial under an kangaroo court. When they burn their cities, there might be one arrest while the riot police posture and preen. So we aren’t going to do it as a first resort.

    1a. At some point (see NYC Gavin McInnes) the police aren’t going to stand down. Or maybe it will be the National Guard. The late 1960’s might be a model. If the police want to stand around and watch, they can watch us shoot in self-defense.

    2. The reason nothing will happen is because Hillaryville is burning. Hillaryville, not Trumptown. When it is your own “home” – even Berkeley – it is much easier to use violence. The question is if the Antifa spills into the suburbs or ex-burbs. I don’t think they can or will.

    3. They are eating their own. I doubt they will show up somewhere in northern Idaho at a prepper conference. More likely they will show up at Apples “one ring”, Facebook’s HQ, or the Google Plex using violence and vandalism because the leaders aren’t doing active boycotts of whatever Trump is doing.

    4. The rumors of a leftist real “militia” type force are greatly exaggerated. “Guns! Ewww! – No leather, I’m a vegan!”. I already have my doubt about the actual military since it is now coed and trans- friendly (Calling General MadDog!). The thing about the Antifa is they are bullies, so as long as they can intimidate with their masks and no one effectively fights back either in real time or through arrest, they will continue, but the first time they suffer they will stop.

    • Good facts, spotty analysis.
      1) When you sit on a worthless target for weeks, with minimal impact, no strategy, no media plan, no clue, and no objective, you get Malheur. (Bonus points for >50% federal infiltration from the get-go.)
      When you form a mob, burn shit in a protected riot, and then fade away, you get Berkeley.
      If your only goal is a quick media jizz-storm, you’re just AQ looking for planes to crash into the WTC. With less rationale.

      1a) Kent State was a model. So were the Rodney King riots, once the Marines showed up (unlike the CANG, with ammo, and the will to use it.) LAPD had no part in suppressing that. Ever.

      2) Bullseye.

      3) Probably. The Earth Firsters made a couple of forays, and torched a bunch of SUVs, and found out what the FBI’s “Most Wanted List” does to your future organizing abilities. From behind bars in SuperMax.

      4) The Antifa are no better organized now than any other time in Leftist history within living memory.
      Which is one bare step above not at all.
      The rest is a boogeyman, wrapped in nightmares, and built upon a whole lot of “what if” worst case nightmares.
      When they show some capabilities, even once, give a holler.

      Until then, they have no game, except exactly what you saw: an ineffectual riot, and a stand-off with inept housebroken Klown Kops, using less than lethal toys against unruly children.
      When they charge into assault lines, and take head shots from DMs firing real bullets, and then keep coming, I’ll allot them having some game.
      They are dilletante trust-fund white college kids, and the closest they’ve ever gotten to hardship or tough times is when they ran out of lives in Call Of Duty. The military leadership they supposedly have is in zero evidence. They have no more organization or discipline than , and not quite the raw intelligence of, a pack of baboons.

      Are they younger, fitter, more prone to action?
      Duh. That’s what 20 year olds are, by definition: young, dumb, and full of cum.
      The part of the brain where common sense grows in still hasn’t happened for 99.999% of them. Not that they’ve been given any, or the basic tools to grow it, by mommy and daddy, their K-12, or their infantile leftist professors to begin with.
      Their first clue in many cases will enter their heads about the same time the slugs do, and then it’ll be a terminal flaw.

      Beware the wrath of patient men.
      Especially those who’ve been there, and done that.
      And in a sluggish economy, never, ever fuck with another man’s livelihood.

      The model here is John Wick:

      Break into my house?
      Steal my car?
      Kill my dog?
      Harsh my mellow?

      I’ll burn your entire world down, in detail.

      Leave us all the fuck alone, or file your will and settle your affairs.

      Antifa should stop fapping to their own press releases, and get back to class, before they hurt themselves.

      • what really amazes me most, is all you who deny 911 was a False Flag perp’d by known hostile domestics.

        you’re so invested in it, that you’ll go to extremes to furiously defend the (((Official story))) so as not to face the reality you were duped and sacrificed heavily for it. it’s a mental illness and you suffer chronically.

  31. Detroit III 

    LaVoy was a patriot and Martyr.

    Talking shit about his is wrong. 100% wrong.

    He backed up his words with actions, unlike the other 99.999999% of the 3%.

    Mosby lost me as soon as he shit-talked LaVoy.

    This shit-talking should not be tolerated.

  32. Marlo Stanfield 

    For your own. Might want to invest in a portable bug detector. Tracking devices are small and cheap these days. Putting one inside a rifle stock isn’t hard. Picking up rounds, I would he a little scared to do that. Not hard to load  up something that goes boom. Trust me if I come across a HK91 or Belgium FAL, I will give it a serious once over.

    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Friday, February 3, 2017 10:04 AM Subject: [New post] Mosby, Via Bracken’s FB #yiv4473660583 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4473660583 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4473660583 a.yiv4473660583primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4473660583 a.yiv4473660583primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4473660583 a.yiv4473660583primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4473660583 a.yiv4473660583primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4473660583 | Concerned American posted: “LinkMountain Guerrilla Blog shared Samuel J Culper’s post.11 hrs · So, I saw this come across my FB feed today, from Sam. I’m going to address it, because there’s a whole bunch of fucking stupid in the comments. Since I’m reasonably certain ” | |

  33. Yep. This goes hand in hand with the Oathkeeper’s article a day or two ago. Say what you want but they are making it happen and we’ve taken it on the chin time and again.

    Don’t underestimate anyone. Looks can be deceiving. Cunning and moxie rule the day.
    -Pat McNamara

  34. Alfred E. Neuman 

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  35. Lance Colvard 

    From the web Site:

    Sharia Law and the US Constitution

    The U. S. Constitution and Sharia Law
    Throughout the history of this world there really have only been two kinds of law. We have given these systems of law very descriptive and easy names to remember. They are Rulers’ Law and People’s Law. Every legal system can fit under one of these two broad banners. Under Ruler’s Law, the king or dictator makes the law. Under People’s Law, the people make or accept the law by which they live. It is interesting that some of the most dominant kinds of legal systems have come about when it is claimed to emanate from God. Under Ruler’s Law, if the ruler can make the people believe he has a divine right to rule, he can persuade the people to do about anything and the use of force becomes acceptable to many people if done in the name of God. Under People’s Law, as was the case in Ancient Israel, when the people accepted Jehovah as their King and accepted His laws as their laws, it had a powerful persuasiveness to right actions. The major difference was that there was no use of force. Not even God would force a leader or laws on a people they did not willingly accept, because He respects the agency of man. Religion has been a powerful force throughout history in either types of law.
    In following the example of Ancient Israel, America’s Founders set forth laws based on the laws of nature and of nature’s God. It has catapulted the United States to an unmatched position as the most prosperous and freest nation on earth.
    Now we are faced with the same kind of threat that has been seen in the past-a system of compulsory laws which has the use of force at its very core and which claims to emanate from God. It is called Sharia Law.
    In 2010, an exhaustive study was published by a group of top security policy experts concerned with the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time: the legal-political-military doctrine known within Islam as Shariah. The study was designed to provide a “second opinion” on the official assessments of this threat as put forth by the United States government, which assessments included co-existence, accommodation, and even submission. By permission, much of the following is taken from this study.
    What is Sharia?
    The Arabic word “shariah,” according to one modern English-language student textbook on Islam, “literally means a straight path (Quran 45:18) or an endless supply of water. It is the term used to describe the rules of the lifestyle ordained by Allah. In more practical terms, shariah includes all the do’s and don’ts of Islam.” In other words, shariah is held by mainstream Islamic authorities – not to be confused with “radical,” “extremist” or “political” elements said to operate at the fringes of Islam – to be the perfect expression of divine will and justice and thus is the supreme law that must comprehensively govern all aspects of Muslims’ lives, irrespective of when or where they live. Shariah is characterized as a “complete way of life” (social, cultural, military, religious, and political), governed from cradle to grave by Islamic law.
    While there are a few additional sources for sharia, the most notable and authoritative is the Quran. In Islamic parlance, the Quran is considered to be the uncreated word of Allah. According to Muslim belief, it has existed since the beginning of time and was revealed by the Archangel Gabriel in the 7th Century to the Prophet Mohammed in the Arabic language of his homeland. It is interesting to note that the verses in the Quran are not compiled in chronological order of revelations but are organized from longest to shortest. This presents confusion in trying to read the Quran. Also, there is really no central authority to clarify or interpret the versus, so many are left to their own understanding of the writings.
    While many, many millions of Muslims around the world do not practice their faith in a manner consistent with shariah, those who do practice shariah have grounds for arguing that their version of Islam is the authoritative one because of the Islamic doctrine of abrogation-which holds that the later verses supersedes or abrogates the earlier ones. As a result, the later verses become much more violent and forceful in relation to non-Muslims. For example:
    “Fight and slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. But if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, then open the way for them; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful. (Q 9:5)
    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, even if they are of the people of the Book [meaning Christians and Jews], until they pay the jizya [taxes on non-Muslims] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (Q 9:29)
    Shariah is Anti-Constitutional
    Whether pursued through the violent form of jihad (holy war) or stealthier practices that shariah Islamists often refer to as “dawa” (the “call to Islam”), shariah rejects fundamental premises of American society and values:
    the bedrock proposition that the governed have a right to make law for themselves;
    the democratic republic governed by the Constitution;
    freedom of conscience; individual liberty
    freedom of expression (including the liberty to analyze and criticize shariah);
    economic liberty (including private property);
    equal treatment under the law (including that of men and women, and of Muslims and non-Muslims);
    freedom from cruel and unusual punishments; an unequivocal condemnation of terrorism (i.e., one that is based on a common sense meaning of the term and does not rationalize barbarity as legitimate “resistance”); and
    an abiding commitment to deflate and resolve political controversies by the ordinary mechanisms of our democratic republic, not wanton violence. The subversion campaign known as “civilization jihad” must not be confused with, or tolerated as, a constitutionally protected form of religious practice. Its ambitions transcend what American law recognizes as the sacrosanct realm of private conscience and belief. It seeks to supplant our Constitution with its own totalitarian framework.
    America’s Founders and Islam
    America’s earliest presidents best understood these founding principles. They were not only deeply involved with their formal adoption, but they were professionally competent in explaining them. When confronted with an Islamic threat, they took the effort to consult primary sources and to conduct competent analysis of that threat.
    In 1786, Thomas Jefferson, ambassador to France, and John Adams, ambassador to England, met with the emissary of the Islamic potentates of Tripoli to Britain, Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, regarding the demands for tribute being made at the time by the so-called Barbary Pirates.
    Afterwards, Jefferson and Adams sent a four-page report to the Congress describing this meeting. The relevant portion of their report reads:
    “We took the liberty to make some inquiries concerning the Grounds of their pretentions to make war upon Nations who had done them no Injury, and observed that we considered all mankind as our friends who had done us no wrong, nor had given us any provocation.
    “The Ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of their prophet, that it was written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”
    John Adams’ son and our sixth president, John Quincy Adams, whose formative years coincided with the founding of the republic, offers further insights into the early presidents’ views on this subject. Like many Americans, he took an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And, when faced with an Islamic enemy, he understood his obligation to be educated on the factual aspects of the principles, doctrines, objectives, jurisprudence and theology of shariah that comprised his enemy’s threat doctrine.
    John Quincy Adams’ 136-page series of essays on Islam displayed a clear understanding of the threat facing America then – and now, especially from the permanent Islamic institutions of jihad and dhimmitude. Regarding these two topics, Adams states:
    “…[Mohammed] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…. The precept of the Quran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that [Mohammed] is the prophet of God.
    “The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute. As the essential principle of [Mohammed’s] faith is the subjugation of others by the sword; it is only by force, that his false doctrines can be dispelled, and his power annihilated.
    “The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.
    “This appeal to the natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Quran. The document [the Quran] does not attempt to disguise it, nor even pretend that the enmity of those whom it styles the infidels, is any other than the necessary consequence of the hatred borne by the Mussulmen to them – the paragraph itself, is a forcible example of the contrasted character of the two religions.
    “The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart. It forbids the exercise of it, even towards enemies. There is no denomination of Christians, which denies or misunderstands this doctrine. All understand it alike – all acknowledge its obligations; and however imperfectly, in the purposes of Divine Providence, its efficacy has been shown in the practice of Christians, it has not been wholly inoperative upon them. Its effect has been upon the manners of nations. It has mitigated the horrors of war – it has softened the features of slavery – it has humanized the intercourse of social life. The unqualified acknowledgement of a duty does not, indeed, suffice to insure its performance. Hatred is yet a passion, but too powerful upon the hearts of Christians. Yet they cannot indulge it, except by the sacrifice of their principles, and the conscious violation of their duties. No state paper from a Christian hand, could, without trampling the precepts of its Lord and Master, have commenced by an open proclamation of hatred to any portion of the human race. The Ottoman lays it down as the foundation of his discourse.”
    In conclusion, it is clear from the writings of several of our earliest presidents, as well as the texts of the nation’s founding documents, that American principles are not at odds with – and imperiled by – some “radical” or “extreme” version of Islam. Rather, it is the mainstream doctrine of shariah that constitutes the threat to the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines. That incompatibility has several practical implications: For one thing, the shariah legal code cannot be insinuated into America – even through stealthy means or democratic processes – without violating the Constitution’s Article VI Supremacy Clause, which requires that the Constitution “shall be the supreme Law of the land.”
    Even more reprehensible is the willingness of some among America’s elites, and it would appear even a subset of its elected leaders, to accede to these groups’ increasingly insistent contention that shariah is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. In fact, based on shariah’s tenets, its core attributes – especially its intolerance of other faiths and disfavored populations and its bid for supremacy over all other legal or political systems, there can be no confusion on this score: As the Framers fully understood, shariah is an enemy of the United States Constitution. The two are incompatible.
    Earl Taylor, Jr.
    Source: Guandolo, John; Gaffney, Frank; Lopez, Clare; McCarthy, Andrew; Cooper, Henry; Brim, Christine; Del Rosso, Michael; Coughlin, Stephen; Woolsey, Jim; Boykin, William (2010-09-22). Shariah: The Threat to America. Center for Security Policy Press. Kindle Edition.
    Please note:
    Printed and mailed copies of our newsletter are sent monthly as a Thank You to our regular donors. For others of you who wish to get a free electronic copy of our newsletters, please go to our website, , and share with us your email address. You will receive the newsletter via email.

  36. Been saying this for years….. so many still don’t get it. They’re not scared.

  37. FrozenPatriot 

    “I’m not even saying that won’t happen, but if you’re sitting here, talking shit on your computer, instead of DOING shit, and TRAINING, and PRACTICING for how you’re going to REALISTICALLY respond to this shit, when it shows up in your neighborhood?”

    Why must it always be a dichotomy? What prevents people from doing both? The people typing such rebukes are clearly doing so on a computer or mobile device… Pot, I’d like you to meet kettle…

  38. Update:

    Trump takes deep state line lecturing Iran. Persians not our enemies. Jews are not “us” anymore. Who the fuck are we to tell Iran it can’t develop weapons to defend itself inside its own borders?

    CSPAN discussion on right now featuring Jews arguing that hate speech should be criminalized and strategizing how to force Americans to consider Jew York Times only source of truth.

    I kid you not.

  39. So much mental masturbation. Both sides of the political extremes seem to want violence.

    If there is violence by either side the political middle will crush it. Nobody wants to live in a failed state.

    As far as leftists, gang members or black bloc being an effective combat force that is just laughable.

    Have you ever actually met any of this cretins? Ill take your average rural church attendee over any of these useless eaters. There is a reason the military screens them out but loves them some hillbillies.

    • Agree. The “O woe is me” stuff can get old. Just because Soros has a database, doesn’t mean he has an army. They can work themselves up and throw some rocks, but one guy with an AR could send them running. As to ex-military in their ranks, yeah maybe a few, but so what?

      I’m more concerned about cops.

    • Jimmy the Saint 

      “Both sides of the political extremes seem to want violence.”

      Yeah, that would sort of be why they are called extremists. It’s not just an amusing coincidence.

  40. Anyone who doesn’t think that there is a vein of violent anarchic military aged males just itching for trouble and the chance to snuff you, had better read this post: They are out there, and they are not only willing and committed to violence, and have ALREADY pulled off direct actions, but they are also getting training from former military who have been ideologically recruited into their ranks.

    No, they don’t carry around a lot of guns now, but THEY will be the ones getting battlefield pickups unless our side is willing to get up off the couch and make an equal commitment. MY biggest regret is becoming aware when I’m already too old and infirm to get real physical………but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get real smart to compensate.

  41. The Usual Suspect 

    A good start would let all the heroin overdose idiots
    DIE !!!

  42. Medieval Man 

    One thing this article neglected to mention, and which Mr. Bracken has noted previously, is the potential for off the book police actions.

    I think we were close – really close – to seeing police ‘death squads’ of sorts after Dallas and Louisiana. A few more of these assassinations within a short time frame, I think we may very well may have seen counter-violence inflicted by off duty cops on BLM organizers.

    It’s happened all over the world; police or military members, for political reasons, support of a regime or simply payback, begin donning masks and committing hits.

    BLM zealots or these black bloc organizations begin to kill police officers, expect to see unofficial actions.

    How easy would it be for a small squad, dressed identical to these rioters, to mingle with them while facing a police line? Four people with handguns, shooting these black bloc attackers in the back and running away with the crowd?

    Or official undercover investigators sharing what they’ve learned and the identities of the organizers to friends out to avenge partners?

  43. Red in OleVirginny 

    Mosby is half right. But it’s really simple: Don’t underestimate them but don’t fear them. A large mob is a target rich environment. Shoot them from a couple hundred yards. Use a brass catcher. Leave. Repeat.
    As for the future – have you seen the tens of thousands of young white rednecks who know how to quietly hide in the woods and shoot deer? Replace the word deer with commie. Let’s put aside the negative attitudes and drive on.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  44. It might just be true… maybe I’m one of those keyboard commando’s. Maybe all I really do is fight in cyberspace and not in “meat space” as our great host has labeled.

    I ask myself, would George Patton underestimate his enemy? Stupid question, but the answer points me in the right direction. Actually, I believe he would be as well versed in Bill Ayers, “Rules for Radicals” as he was with Rommel’s writings.

    The left is at war. Where am I at? Where should I be? And, if I figure that out, am I able to actually be there?


    Hey, speaking of one of our favorite Generals, I had the great fortune of having met a very old man who served under Patton in Africa and Europe in WWII. He was a tough old guy who still had a lot of life left in him with a diagnosis that ultimately sucks the life out of all who have the misfortune of arriving there.

    When he said he served under Patton, I said, “Wow! What was he really like?”

    He instantly said, “He was one tough son of a bitch! And I’d follow him to hell if he ordered us to.”

    Getting a chill just remembering the force of which he said all that.

  45. This has been nawing at me all day… from what i’ve read at the beginning of this post, this is Sam Culper’s (of Forward Observer) response to the less educated in the comments section of a particular article.

    That said. I could be totally wrong on that, which would put me in a different less educated section. 🙂

  46. Numbers are what they are… we have them, they don’t.

    There is altogether too much anal-ysis of the “nattering nabobs of negativity” (ie FEAR!) variety.

    So, a small but loud crowd of mentally defective 20 somethings Act UP! on the streets where they live?

    Oh! Mein Gott in Himmel! They are legion…. NOT!

    There presstitutes are being tarred with the brush of their insanity and the good folks have finally been liberated from the yoke of shaming PC, finding their own long repressed voice, and there is no turning back. That’s why these throwback wannabe commiecrusaders are running amok- they have nothing else “left!” It’s a tantrum thrown by spoiled children who have been told to shut the fuck up.

    Certainly, keep tabs on them, identify and number their “ranks” (heh!) But stop already with the fear mongering and hysteria with regard to all these factions. What have the various factions of prior “revolutions” done to each other?

    The biggest threat to our continued reclamation of the culture, BY FAR- is Trump’s assassination, and the lack of the support he will need to enact the agenda. Pretty good start so far, all nitpicking by perfectionist ideologues aside. The more he outsmarts them, the more danger, until he has replaced or defanged them to impotence.

    At some point, given continued success, he will be able to show these commies the door, to a jail cell, or the border.

    Am I putting too much hope in one man? That depends on each and every one of us…. If you can’t see the opportunity we’ve been given, against all odds, prognosticators and naysayers; if you will allow your pet ideologies and prejudices to continue to prevent you from lending whatever support you can; if you continue to assume the worst and tilt at windmills and shadows… you, and the rest of us, will get what you so tremulously predict.

    Finally, there is no way even a million of these antifacommieniggerbeans can defeat us, absent the kind of media that lost Vietnam. There are no Kronkites today. The more aggressive they get, the better.

    N ever think that us old guys can’t cut it. WE ARE the remnant, the repository of the culture many of you long for. We know what it was and how it worked. We have lived long, eventful and fruitful lives… we are not afraid to fight and to die for the chance that our grandchildren might live to reclaim a free and prosperous future.

    If you expect doom, that shall be your future. Listen not to the council of the craven wormtongues.

    • Addendum: In so far as Trump’s assassination is concerned…?

      How much more ABSOLVED would you need to be? to do all that is necessary to defeat the enemy in detail,



      Ask forgiveness later.

      • Harden your hearts gentlemen ………………harden your hearts……………..
        ” “by whatever means necessary……………………!

  47. oughtsix,

    Inspiring stuff! Thank you.

    Please be careful on the numbers thing…. you may be totally right.. or not… honestly, I don’t know.

    (Not for nothing, the phrase of “I Don’t Know” should be readily on our lips if… we honestly DON’T KNOW) This is hard to admit…

    However, we DO know things. And we should be confident in that.

    Funny, JRR Tolkien (author of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) was at The Battle of Somme in WWI. Makes me wonder where the vision of the unending hordes of Orc’s came from… Might be more of the bad guys out there then we think…

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  49. Mosby, understand the demographics. Presently these Neo-Bolsheviks are progressive educated Millennials with no jobs and no future job prospects due to the last eight years of climate change economics. They’re pissed, with plenty of time on their hands. Soros swoops in with 15 dollar per hour “jobs” to throw chairs through Starbucks windows. A chance for them to vent and nothing to lose. A night in jail, big deal. Let out at 6 am, go home and sleep ’til 4:00 pm.
    We, on the other hand, have much to lose at this stage. A very good job, a very big mortgage, a wife and kids. Many of us are prepared…waiting and ready. However, do not hint that we won’t protect our families and our country when the time comes.

  50. Full of shit? Maybe. Maybe not.

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