“Us,” “Them,” and the Problem with “Balkanization”

The Roper Report

This Jewish author discusses the reality that ‘heterogeneity’ leads to conflict. He then opines that the best way for multiracial establishments to prevent balkanization is through “education”, i.e. brainwashing, through the government and mainstream media and social media. Yeah, good luck with that. As I keep telling ya’ll the only two choices are balkanization and top-down multiracial authoritarianism.

From 21st Century Global Dynamics

The construction of polarized collective identities accentuates perceived (cultural) differences, thus playing an integral role in shaping how we identify and respond to emerging threats both imagined and real. By homogenizing populations, such constructions create antagonistic and conflict-oriented relationships resistant to resolution. This essay argues that the much used and somewhat fashionable term “balkanization” is itself an example of such essentialism, which upholds a longstanding and prejudicial ‘European’ self-identification over against a Balkan ‘other’ that aggravates discord in the region.

Recognizing the Other
The relationship…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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