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Aesop | March 13, 2018 at 10:00 | Reply
Another bullshit poll, but kudos to CA for linking the Reuters site, because their Polling Explorer lets you explore why it’s a bullshit poll.
IOW, they tell you they’re lying to you without telling you they’re lying to you, which, for the MSM, equates about as close to honesty as you’re going to get from them.

1) The poll undersampled blacks (9% of the poll, 13% of the population), and Hispanics 3% of the poll, US 17% of the population.
2) They also over-sampled pointy-heads (42% with college degree or more than college), and
3) hugely under-sampled the Far West (10% of the poll, whereas 12% of the US lives in five-six counties within half a tank of gas from where I’m sitting, let alone that plus the rest of and three contiguous states), and more than 20% of respondents were from a megalopolis of 5M+ inhabitants.
4) they oversampled liberals (37%), while necessarily way under-sampling conservatives (46%) and independents (17%).
5) 17% of respondents aren’t even registered to vote for any party
6) 36% of poll respondents didn’t vote for either of the two main candidates in the 2016 election.

I’m frankly too lazy to do the leg-work to compare demographics for every single age bracket with reality, but they also undersampled the enormous Boomer generation, and older generations, and oversampled later smaller generations (but for anyone who’d like to do that, the option is available).

They further didn’t even ask whether this was “likely voters” at all.

So in short, if you want to know what college-aged liberals in big cities and college campuses east of the Mississippi who are too lazy to vote think, this was an excellent poll.

Otherwise, it’s still an enormous mound of statistical horseshit.

And I just saved you an entire semester of polling statistics in college at the 400-course level.

As far as intergenerational transfer, that requires willing teachers, and willing pupils. Which always gets back to local, local, local, by and large.

Take people you know shooting.
it always pays off.

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Intergenerational transfer.

How are you passing it on?

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