How Does The Average Person In Sweden See Things?

Seven: like everyone in the West, they feel that something is very wrong. But unlike those of us who want to confront the problem, liberals are appeasement-oriented. Whomever they seek to appease at any given moment — placate any individuals or entities that comprise the patron-client matrix of neoliberalism — they look with horror upon Trump and the Alt-Right’s aggressive challenge to these seemingly omnipotent forces. Liberals would rather let the wolves pace about so long as we don’t give them a reason to bite, even as the animals grow bolder and meaner with each passing year.


In Sweden, or anywhere in occupied Europe.

I know exactly what people in the United States thought about Diversity before it marred our landscape: it was a mix of pity, anxiety, and confidence that we’ll never lose control of it. But that was then, this is now.

It would be interesting to learn more about everyday life in Sweden from someone who lives there. Bad-news tweets tell a part of the story but they also make you wonder, how does the average person over there see the reality that come to us via “cucked Sweden” cliches? The question is complicated by the very term “average person” because the average person is a follower (you forget this because if you are a reader of AltRight blogs, you are a leader to some extent — you’re bucking the liberal culture that you get from politicians, school, telewitz, and clothing store ads).


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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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