Buppert: The Education Complex and Imperial Conditioning

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Young Red cadres.

And enstupified slaves.

Read about the Red Guards youth movement.


Peking Review, No. 36 (9/2/1966), p. 17

Red Guards Destroy the Old and Establish the New

Since August 20, the young Red Guards of Peking, detachments of students, have taken to the streets. With the revolutionary rebel spirit of the proletariat, they have launched a furious offensive to sweep away reactionary, decadent bourgeois and feudal influences, and all old ideas, culture, customs and habits. This mounting revolutionary storm is sweeping the cities of the entire nation. “Let Mao Tse-tung’s thought occupy all positions; use it to transform the mental outlook of the whole of society; sweep away all ghosts and monsters; brush aside all stumbling-blocks and resolutely carry the great proletarian cultural revolution through to the end!” This is the militant aim of the young revolutionary fighters. Their revolutionary actions have everywhere received…

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