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    By the user Lemur on MPC. An extended post comparing the position of the Alt-right to the Hezbolla. We’re similar in that we’re an ethnically and ideologically motivated minority fighting against ZOG but on vastly different front. The tl;dr is that a protest is like a conventional battle, something a guerilla force should avoid. It was someone on the Death Panel I think who said earlier that Demonstrations are something you do after you’ve already won, I think the excitement of activism made Enoch et al forget. There are plenty of other interesting parts of the post though so I hope you read it.

    More Thoughts on the Hezbollah Model of Political and Military Ascendancy

    There are many useful lessons the right could take from a close study of Hezbollah. Like us, they are partisan insurgents confronting an enemy who can marshal overwhelming force. Unlike us, Hezbollah has a yearly budget of around a billion dollars, thanks to generous support from the Shia metropole in Tehran. Nonetheless, insight into one’s environment and strategic nouse are prior to the application of resources to a problem. The Hezbollah model still provides lessons no matter what amount of capital a group can access.

    1. Only fight the enemy when the terms of conflict ensure the enemy loses no matter what choices he makes.

    [In 2006], Hezbollah designed a war in which presumably Israel could only choose which soft underbelly to expose: the one whereby it avoids a ground operation and exposes its home front vulnerability, or the one whereby it enters Lebanon and sustains the loss of soldiers in ongoing ground based attrition with a guerrilla organization. Hezbollah’s brilliant trap left Israel with two undesirable options.

    During the Trump campaign, the alt-right applied this principle. Ridiculing the liberal system and slaughtering its sacred cows through online trolling presented the PC Guardians with a dilemma. (a) Do nothing and establish a precedent of wrongthink in the emergent public square. (b) Hit back through the traditional structures of the public arena (THIS IS NOT OK!!!) triggering the Streisand effect, a public perception of a ‘paranoid style’ (WE’RE IN IMMANENT DANGER FROM GREEN NAZI FROGS!!!), and the backlash guilt by association tactics engender. The Clinton campaign selected (b), enraging half the electorate with her ‘deplorable’ smear, which continues to be leveraged against democrats to this day.

    By contrast, parading Fascist motifs IRL and attempting to replicate their street tactics outside the context of state breakdown are a default win for the left, who completely control the 4-D environment and the mass narratives which modulate them. As others have pointed out, its a fragile tactic where few things are likely to go right, and many things are likely to go wrong.

    2. Negate power asymmetry by presenting no target. Minimize hierarchy . Abolish (or never establish) Strategic Centres of Gravity (SCOGs). Obscure your logistics..

    Knowing full well the IDF desired to generate ‘effects’ on its ‘systems’, Hezbollah created a network of autonomous cells with little inter-cell systemic interaction. On the strategic level, Hezbollah also predicted that the IDF would attack its SCOGs. To counter this, Hezbollah simply did away with them. In any future war with Israel, there would be no strategic infrastructure to attack.

    Hezbollah established a simple yet effective system for firing the Katyusha rockets in the face of Israeli firepower. Once lookouts declared the area free of Israeli aircraft or UAVs, a small group moved to the launch site, set up the launcher and quickly departed. A second group would transport the rocket to the launch location and promptly disperse. A third small squad would then arrive at the launch position and prepare the rocket for firing, often using remotely controlled or timer-based mechanisms. The entire process was to take less than 28 seconds with many of the rocket squads riding mountain bicycles to and from their positions. The vast majority of the rocket systems were cached in underground bunkers and shelters built to withstand precision air and artillery strikes.

    Hezbollah has developed a sophisticated network of tunnels, bunkers, and caches across Lebanon. [logistics]

    Hezbollah also enforces strict rules for its members when interacting with the press, and bans most of its members from talking to them at all.

    NGOs, marches, demonstrations, conferences all imply organizing hierarchies and the support chains and supply lines on which they rest. #Unite[ing]TheRight in meat space is the definition of a SCOG. Only Vox Day seems to grasp the importance of shutting your yap when the lying fake s**tlib extended universe is around.

    3. Maneuver so normies identify with your cause.

    Hezbollah understands the the value of operational shielding. [It] utilizes ‘hugging’ or hiding tactics…trying to blend in with the civilian population and use residential structures for firing positions and hide-outs.

    Hezbollah embeds within civilian populations in Southern Lebanon, and the institutions of the Lebanese state. When Israel attacks Hezbollah, they must necessarily attack Lebanon as a whole. Much like Clinton’s ‘deplorable’ miscalculation, Israel was enticed into indiscriminately attacking civilian infrastructure and villages, the preserve of everyday Lebanese.

    Sunni and Christians in Lebanon aren’t necessarily interested in Hezbollah’s Shia sectarian agenda; but when Israeli bombs are raining down killing their kids and munting their houses, Hezbollah are the ones seen shooting back at the common enemy, providing the group with tremendous cachet. Hezbollah have applied Carl Schmitt’s theory of the partisan. The partisan is an irregular soldier ‘telluric’ in character, leveraging the ties to his environment against the forces of mass and quantity.

    Basic bitch Republicans and mainstream MAGA voters aren’t necessarily invested in the dissident right’s agenda, but when Democrat/liberal attack narratives are raining down on their heritage and American dream, and the alt-right are the ones shooting back at the common enemy, the alt-right is legitimized and brought into contact with groups most susceptible to our propaganda.

    The spectacle of Nazi rallies achieves the opposite effect, isolating the alt-right as a target who can be destroyed independent of Trump’s base. Fascist motifs have no connection to America, and the alt-right boots on the ground had no ties to Charlottesville.

    Hezbollah often attempts to portray itself externally as an agent of Lebanese nationalism and an example of successful Shia and political and military power to inspire other Shia populations like the Bahrainis, Saudis, Iraqis, and Shia Yemenis.

    4. Fight the War of a Thousand Cuts, avoid ‘decisive’ battles. Turn your defensive posture and conventional weakness into a strength.

    Both Hamas and Hezbollah are the foremost practitioners of the military doctrine of Muqawama, or resistance…Put simply a war of attrition favours insurgent Islamists. [Hezbollah’s strategy during the 2006 conflict was simple]; it would focus strategically and operationally on continuing its rocket fire into Israel and attempt to weaken Israeli resolve while defending from its well-prepared positions in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah’s rockets represented excellent psychological and political weapons with strategic affect. Hezbollah launched close to 4,000 rockets with more than 200 rockets per day fired into Israel during the final days of the war.

    In some respects, this is a restatement of point 2. In the context of power asymmetry, a pitched battle selects for preparation, and the stronger, centralized enemy has more capacity and more things to prepare than the insurgent. The other side of this equation is indecisive skirmishes require a minimal effort from the partisan compared to the huge resources the hegemon must expend to contain them. A few thousand of Tito’s partisans tied down over 200,000 Axis troops who found limited success. NATO will invariably lose its 16 year old war against the Taliban who have spent a fraction of the billions the West has poured in. The astute partisan attacks from impregnable ground, launching a volley only to blend back into the landscape. The proliferation of minor threats broadly distributed renders the ability of a centralized system to concentrate awesome levels of force immaterial.

    The alt-right’s memetic warfare was characterized by online skirmishes in which their superior tactical versatility and speed (a troll account can be made in a few seconds and a meme deployed for all to see in a few more; becoming a blue tick establishment figure is a decades long f****t striver process).

    IRL, the snap demonstrations of Generation Identity in Europe (which gather and disperse so fast they can remain in control of the frame), leaflet bombing (no swastikas), and pro-Trump graffiti on campus correspond to a tactical style of harrying and psychological demoralization shitlibs, Jews, and hostile wogs have no recourse against. Even something as simple as enforcing Trumpian expectations rattle our opponents. Yesterday, the guy in front of me at the petrol station had a Bernie 2016 sticker on his van. So as I walk by I say, ‘Bro, its not too late to get on the 2020 Trump train!’ He mumbles something and I go ‘all aboard’ as i get into my car. Enough of these little interactions creates a new political correctness which caters to our sensibilities.

    5. Value low time preference.

    Hezbollah takes a long view of time, feeling that a final victory over Israel is pre-ordained and requires patience and prolonged commitment. [It] is willing to slowly grow its force while preparing for this long term battle with the enemy.

    If you have the psychological profile to countenance enormous time horizons, you can temporally outflank opponents who lack your resolve and tenacity. Trump registered ‘Make America Great Again’ in 2010, six years before he ran. Right now he’s preparing for a Trump presidential dynasty, while cucks and dems fuss about the mid-terms. The news cycle and day to day politics are high time preference, but their overall direction is a product of those sufficiently detached to see the big picture. Only the radicals who are fools and suckers try to fundamentally change society by becoming the object of the day’s two minute hate.

    6. Plan your ops with the understanding the spectacle is paramount

    Hezbollah controlled the information environment and integrated kinetic operations into its strategic Information Operations (IO). Hezbollah focused on stressing Israeli vulnerabilities, while highlighting Hezbollah’s battlefield successes and Lebanese civilian casualties and infrastructure damage…Hezbollah’s IO motto could summed up as ‘if you haven’t captured it on film, you haven’t fought.’ Thus, Hezbollah’s doctrine demands that attacks only be carried out when success is assured.

    Example: In July 14, 2006, three minutes after a Hezbollah missile struck the Israeli naval vessel INS Hanit, which was patrolling off the coast of Beirut, Nasrallah gave a perfectly-timed “play-by-play” of the strike on Hezbollah television, which also aired live on Israeli channels. “The surprises which I promised you will begin now,” he said. “Right now, in the midst of the sea, facing Beirut, the Israeli military warship, which aggressed against our infrastructure and against the houses of the people and civilians. … Watch it burn.” Hundreds of Lebanese responded to his invitation and flocked to the coast. “It will sink,” said Nasrallah, “and with it dozens of Israeli Zionist soldiers.”

    Hezbollah emphasized force protection, making sure it did not sacrifice its fighters in unwinnable battles. Hezbollah’s goal was not to win battles, but to maximize the psychological effect of its attacks on IDF soldiers and the Israeli people.

    Ultimately, all of Hezbollah’s battlefield successes integrated into its overall IO plan – its greatest victory of the war being the destruction of the myth of Israel’s invincibility. In the end, Hezbollah survived and gained increased international and regional recognition…

    Hezbollah often attempts to portray itself externally as…an example of successful Shia and political military power to inspire other Shia populations like the Bahrainis, Saudis, Iraqis, and Shia Yemenis.

    In post-modern warfare, the simple red-force versus blue-force dynamic does not apply. Between the red and the blue are other groups whose attitudes and perceptions of the conflict directly affect the power balance.

    As already established, giving the mass media and state forces an opportunity to lock their radars on you or your organizing mechanisms constitutes an elementary error. Unlike Hezbollah (in Lebanon and the Arab world), we have no friendly mainstream coverage. Yet our IRL ops can still cater to our cameras, and the footage released on platforms like youtube tailored to the narrative and aesthetic of chad nationalism. As Osama said, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.” NRx types love their Moldbug line about ‘becoming worthy’ (to rule). Well, in modern mass society where the spectacle mediates group identity and affinity, ‘becoming worthy’ has a lot more to do with looking worthy. The obverse of the coin is presenting our political opponents as ‘losers’ (sound familiar?), who out of spite and malice are destroying our way of life. In the Thousand Cut War agitprop campaign, the more powerful establishment (Goliath) loses because he cannot defeat the small but vitalistic resistance (David). David wins just by surviving. Preference cascades and other mass psychological phenomena follow from mastery of the spectacle.

    When [insurgents] attack Humvees, they’re not doing that because they want to reduce the number of Humvees in Iraq by one. They’re doing it because they want spectacular media footage of a burning Humvee.

    7. Make sure you’re sending your best.

    Hezbollah assiduously vets applicants. Recruiters looks for signs of discipline, self control, conservative orientation, and parse the subject’s family and its history to determine his level of loyalty to the Shia community. All members, including administrative functionaries, are initiated through a course of ideological and military instruction. They don’t want alienated autists; they want warriors organically formed under the aegis of their cultural and religious norms.

    Tara McCarthy had a video up today sounding out a mentoring idea for younger alt-right guys. Providing the mentors are of sound mind, that could be an equivalent step in the right direction. A culture of shaming and ostracism against people whose ops ruin our image should also be cultivated. However, this is a difficult proposition when a sizable chunk of the alt-right think swastika iconography equates to winning the meme war.

    8. Infiltrate normie institutions using metapolitical fire teams.

    Hezbollah has a conventional institutional structure in terms of Lebanese politics, so their methods of political infiltration belong to a different concept of operations. So, we must stick with military strategy. Hezbollah’s decentralized swarm of fire teams operate independently of the central party command structure, which only exercises direct control over the long range rocket forces. They used their network of tunnels and the plethora of natural obstructions that dot southern Lebanon to breach the salients established by Israeli armoured columns. Then they fought them to a standstill after surrounding them.

    In conjunction with point 5, small bands of politically activated rightists could design to worm their way into key institutions and coordinate without revealing their connections. Game theory suggests using a group strategy against an uncoordinated majority will favour the (secretly) intolerant minority. VoxDay cited a Business Insider article in which some cuck mourned the alt-right might conspire to purge leftists from Silicon Valley.

    It will be poisonous if the tech right feels compelled to not only hide their beliefs but also to actively pretend to believe in progressive diversity values. This pretending will embitter them, probably pushing many to the more radical alt-right…. Business works best if different political tribes don’t seek to crush others when they have a temporary upper-hand. If, however, the right perceived that SJWs are after them, it’s understandable (if regrettable) that they will treat SJWs likewise when they have the power.

    Although the left greatly outnumbers the right in tech, if the right uses stealth tactics and the left doesn’t, the right might eventually gain an advantage in the career-destroying game because they will more easily locate high-value targets.


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  • jigaboo DAMNYANKEES   


    Wew long one. But correct in that the underlying assumption of “confrontation” needs to be examined.

    Might get guff from “leaders” who dream of leading 1000 people against some objective.

    But in larger scenario, 1000 people doesn’t even win a local election. Very open to infiltration, chaos and bad things happening.

    Gathering 1000 people under scenario other than “confrontation” might be a good thing to try.

    This is like a moment in time, before a certain people started “marching through institutions”, when they were still trying to fight open revolutions across Europe and getting beat.

  • John Drake 

    Watch The Battle of Algiers, The Dancer Upstairs and State of Siege.

  • JohnFash 

    Before I read this long post, I believe it’s moldbug who can be credited.

    Street actions are after victory celebrations. They do not cause victory they are a result of victory.

    Any attempt prior to victory will be crushed and we will be made out to be villians.

    UTR was a mistake, we got cocky.


    I’m a huge proponent of number 8 and I think it’s possible, especially as Trump’s new immigration RAISE act goes into effect. Tech companies are hungry for smart white people, brown people are just used because they’re cheap. The left infiltrated the universities. We need to infliltrate the modern institutions.

  • AceOfBaseFan  

    The best thing about that mpc thread is pleasureman getting super mad

  • Brapvik VIKANGZ  

    @JewLich what if we infiltrate right-wing political parties? In Europe? Would that be something?

  • lostviking VIKANGZ  

    @AceOfBaseFan he’s a smart guy and he’s built a great community but it’s hard to take his snark seriously when he appears to be an atomized and childless nerd fast approaching middle age.

  • rational_skeptic  THE GATORS 

    Hezbollah and Iran have always been /ourguys/.

  • PoliticalTragic  CONFEDERATES  

    I think we might also look to Chive Charities for an example of how to build goodwill among the normie white community. Say we identify a worthy white family who are down on their luck and, because they’re white, have no institutional support. We publicize the shit out of their situation, raise a pile of money, and have our guys PERSONALLY DELIVER THE GOODS.

    Emphasis on that last part. The fundraiser TDS did for the Gatlinburg Fire victims turned into a fiasco because the third-party charity didn’t seem all that interested in a large donation. Say that we identify a family that needs an addition to their house put in. We raise some dough and then we send Sven to their house with a check and a contractor lined up to do the job. Better yet would be if we could send a crew of our guys to aid in the construction.

    The pros to this approach is that we build real human capital and real goodwill among the community we want to protect, serve, and save from dispossession. Even the most enragingly docile normie would be hard-pressed to counter-signal us if they see us helping a needy family. Let’s be honest, we can never convert all of the normies by memeing them. And while shitlibs will still claim that us purely acting out of love and goodwill for our own community is somehow “hateful” to POC, I don’t think they can make it stick.

    THE CONS: Raising money is problematic. There’s no two ways about it. Raising money repeatedly torpedoed GamerGate, and has recently caused what seems to be an irreparable schism at WeSearchr which may lead to that platforms downfall. Those in charge of handling the money will have to be impeccable. Platforms like Hatreon, RootBocks, and Counter.Fund may help to alleviate this structural issue, but for God’s sake, embezzling charity funds is an unbelievably shitty thing to do.

    Those are my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think.


    I want to see a story like this, except with us dirty racists. This shit is normie crack, builds goodwill, and helps our people.

  • John Drake  

    @JohnFash as far as UTR is concerned…. we did nothing wrong. The best form of learning is failure.

  • Erwin Rommeow 

    I don’t think there is anyway to win a PR campaign. Even redpilled guys like vox have swallowed the media narrative. Even conflating the klan rally pics with UTR.

    We’re never going to get a remotely fair shake in this country. Even having an identifiable group will just lead to FBI investigations.

    We’re going to have to start functioning as an underground cult that does outreach one on one by passing business cards at conservative rallys or something and doing charity as a group of friends without any sort of banner.

  • Erwin Rommeow  

    @lostviking said:

    @AceOfBaseFan he’s a smart guy and he’s built a great community but it’s hard to take his snark seriously when he appears to be an atomized and childless nerd fast approaching middle age.

    He’s built a community of moral cowards with no self awareness that don’t actually want to accomplish anything other than accruing good boy points.

  • hightechlowlife WIFE BEATER NATIONALISTS  

    I think everyone on TRS needs to read through that thread and think about our recent tactics. In particular the constructive posts pointing out how we’re a guerrilla movement now trying to be a conventional army and failing.

    I honestly don’t care for most MPC posters as they operate like “racist leftists” getting high on snark and their own farts. But when you’re right, you’re right. And in the case of C’ville and the way forward for the Alt Right they’re 100%.

  • Orm VIKANGZ 

    Bump more people need to read this

  • martin  


    #3 brings to mind this weeks Mike and Johnny episode. They spoke for 20 or 30 minutes about the poisonous, absurd and ultimately empty “bugman” style life the modern left promotes. I thought it was an excellent return to an earlier time for TRS. They didn’t even get very esoteric, there were no oven memes that I remember, they just did a great job speaking to the shortcomings of the mainstream cultural milieu.

    If you’re a young white male, you don’t need to be particularly redpilled to see that modern life in America is remarkably empty and tedious, and that things just don’t seem to be working, and I think TRS, especially Mike, can penetrate society by taking a stand for a more meaningful culture.

    You mention that people will identity with us when they see us standing up for their way of life. I think that we need to present ourselves as the fearless bulwark against the permanent revolution of the left. So many people just want life to stop being politicized, to be allowed to go on in peace. People should know that we will fight for that.


    The “thousand cuts” approach works very well for us, because our enemies are easily prone to hysteria. They can’t stand pro-white anything, and admitting what they believe just turns normies away from them. The prank call by one of our guys pretending to be an obnoxious, anti-white jew to the Aussie radio show is a great example. It didn’t take very much time or cost him money to do it, and there had to be quite a few normies that were annoyed enough to start hating jews, or at least research them. Jews constantly do the Nazi boogeyman routine, we can drag their ratfaces right into the dirt so normies hate them, with enough effort I’m sure we can. Leaving copies of Talmud passages about killing the best goys with no comment either in online comments or leaving flyers around will hurt jews immeasurably.

    The great thing about our enemies is they have no intention of toning down their diatribes.
    This list of demands by a BLM negress is so unbelievable I thought a bad goy made it up. The problem our enemies find themselves in is even if this list was fake, they would be idiotic enough to defend it. If we crank out the fake articles, making leftists look utterly insane, they still have to own them. And they’ll start getting paranoid, wondering if that caller was a real jew, oh no, we can’t criticize jews. Or they’ll see the article by a La Raza member calling for blacks to have more abortions and get arrested more and wonder if it’s real, and wonder how they can spin it.

    The best part, infiltrators can’t really do anything about it. “The alt-right is making false articles! Arrest them they are dangerous!” is all some wimp kike could do. I hope we force some FBI posters into trolling leftists.

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