Greeks Bearing Gifts (and songs) – Part 1


“Girls we love for what they are; young men for what they promise to be.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Vicky Leandros,Après toi. Boys have to earn their value, girls have to preserve theirs. This Eurovision classic is about the Alpha Widow, a new name for the old term “damaged goods” — a woman whose sexual experience leaves her incapable of loving any man who’d give her his commitment. Vicky Leandros (born Vassiliki Papathanasiou) won the 1972 competition with that song, representing Luxembourg; it’s in French, the video has English subtitles:

With you, I had learnt to laugh
And my laughter only comes from you
After you, I will be only the shadow
Of your shadow, after you

Even one day if I go on with my life
If I keep the promise
That joins two being together, after you
I will be able maybe to give my affection

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Playing at Balkanization

The Roper Report

Meet the Balk Right

While most organizations and individuals on the right side of the political spectrum are moving further right continually, with some who publicly disavowed White Nationalism and rejected the Jewish Question only a couple of years ago now embracing both, the idea that the United States of America is destined to break up into smaller nations is becoming more and more mainstream and prevalent.

The Alt Right began as politically incorrect jokes for laughs online. Likewise, the Balk-Right is emerging through message boards and internet interactive game scenarios where essayists write articles envisioning what the successor states to the United States may look like. Here is one example of some of those musings, as people begin to think seriously about separation and balkanization.

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Radical feminists oppose shutdown of underage sex-trafficking site


Women's March Women’s March

Wow! Read that tweet by the organizer’s of the Women’s March (which doesn’t even represent all women). A web site that facilitates “sex work” was shut down by the FBI, and the Women’s March is upset. What can it mean?

Well, here’s an article from The Federalist to explain. (H/T Sean M.)


Last Friday, the FBI seized, a website well known for facilitating the sale of trafficked minors, mostly girls, for sex all over the United States. On Monday, seven top Backpage officials were arrested after being indicted on 93 counts, including money laundering and facilitating prostitution, 17 cases of which involve trafficking victims as young as 14. The Washington Post says Backpage earned an estimated $500 million in prostitution-related revenue since its launch in 2004.

The National Center on Missing and Exploited Children reports that 73 percent of all child sex trafficking cases it has handled involved According to…

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Patriot’s Day

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

April 19th is the anniversary of the shot heard around the world, the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, in 1775. It happened when law enforcement tried to confiscate military grade weaponry from private citizens, and not only began the American Revolution, but was the reason for the addition of the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well.

Since then, this date has been linked to the holocaust of the Branch Davidian compound and its occupants in Waco, Texas, and the retaliatory bombing of the Federal government building in Oklahoma City. The day after it, of course, is the birthday of a man who still inspires millions of his people.

What began two hundred and forty-three years ago echoes throughout history, down to today. Once again true patriots face a distant, hostile government which seeks to disarm us, but even worse, enact genocide against us. The abuses and…

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