Gauging Interest


IMG_0679The good folks at 144:1 are requesting the interest level in a Resistor IR patch. They’re gonna be a little more expensive than the usual patches due to the material, but well worth it especially for y’all running STANO gear. Not only that, IR patches just look cool.

Leave a comment or send them an email direct at:

Second bit of info- there’s a Signals & Intelligence Collection class that I’m putting together that will likely take place in the late summer. How would you run a Listening Post (LP) in the field? The RTO course focuses on how to build an improvised radio network for a small group off-grid locally and regionally; this class will focus on intercepting and Direction Finding with common/off the shelf equipment people are likely to have. Like the RTO Course, it’ll be a two day class that’s mostly hands-on and no prior experience…

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