The Jewish Mafia: The Great International Predators

The Roper Report

By Hervé Ryssen. Translated by Carlos Whitlock Porter.

jewish_mafia_cover.jpgNow exclusively from The Barnes Review!

Here it is, between two covers for the very first time—a comprehensive look at the Jewish mafia from the earliest times until today.

Meticulously detailed and documented largely from Jewish sources, this book is a fearless examination of organized Jewish criminality in all parts of the world, with an astonishing catalog of serious crimes.

The author, Hervé Ryssen, has been jailed 13 times for writing seven books.

His most recent conviction in 2015, for which he received three months hard time, came simply as punishment for the original cover to this book (a stock illustration of 1930s gangsters with a list of their crimes—arms dealing, racketeering, contract murder, drug dealing, money laundering, pimping, casinos, pornography, kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, diamond swindles, white slaving, smuggling, African slave trading, trafficking in stolen artwork etc.).

Now expanded, updated and…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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