Original German Book Sale:Documents of the Third Reich

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A handful of very rare original German books of historical interest are being offered for sale to benefit the ShieldWall Network travel fund.

Documents of the Third Reich

The professional photographer Friedrich Joseph Maria Rehse (1870-1952) began in 1914 to collect newspaper clippings, propaganda posters, photos, periodicals and books and planned to open a museum about World War One. He abandoned this plan in 1918 but continued to collect all kinds of material that was incorpo-rated into the “Archiv für Zeitgeschichte und Publizistik” (Archive of Contem-porary History And Journalism). In 1929 the NSDAP bought the collection and from 1935 on the Rehse collection belonged to the “Museum für Zeitgeschichte” (Museum Of Contemporary History) in the Münchener Residenz (Munich Residence). In 1940 Dr. Adolf Dressler, Hauptamtsleiter der Reichspressestelle der NSDAP (Head of the Reich Press Office of the Nazi Party) published this book which contains hundreds of photos, pictures, posters, etc…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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