The Roper Report (TRR): CivNats Are Tories

The Roper Report

 The Roper Report:CivNats Are Tories is now available on audiomack, as well:
For his 46th birthday, Billy brings us an analysis of how Civic Nationalism is analogous to those American colonists who remained loyal to the King during the first American Revolution. His perspective is that those loyal to the glorious multiracial empire fall into two categories: those who are just evolving in their own political growth rightwards and coming to us, and those who are purposefully counter-signaling that progression. The former category are not our enemies, but the former, through their purposeful reactionary retardation of radicalization and accelerationism, are. In the future, separating the two categories will be increasingly important.
If it is good to doxx Antifa, who increase militancy on our side in opposition to the left, then why not doxxing Civic Nationalists who consciously work against that militancy? Civic Nationalists are, after all…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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