New Genetic Proof For ‘Aryan Invasion’.

The Roper Report

New large DNA tests on Indians,central Asians, Iranians and Europeans proves
that the “Aryan invasion” happened and after 50 years of denial by Indians (who claimed “Aryans are native to India”) now the Indian ethno-science community is finally accepting the facts.

Aryan migration: New genetic study makes Out of India theory backed by Hindutva supporters unlikely

Civilization came to India (the first agriculture and “advanced civilization” ) from Iran to northern India, “The Aryan invasion” ( as previously always claimed by European scientists but denied by Indians ) , many northern Indians still have up to 10-15% admixture of those original Aryans who invaded northern India from Iran.

The DNA tests also prove that Aryans already lived in Anatolia and Iran in 7,000 BC (2,000-3,000 years earlier as thought)

“More generally groups of priestly status seem to have higher Steppe ancestry, suggesting those with this mixture may have had a…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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