Anti-White racist hiring practices in Sanctuary City Hospitals

The Roper Report

The Politicization of Western Acute Care Facilities:

From a registered nurse: Allied Health Care Professionals, Please Respond.

Here’s the video posted to YouTube:

This is mandatory video diversity training for Registered Nurses that ALL hospitals do, but I have never seen it this blatantly anti-White.
As a Registered Nurse, it is my job to advocate for all oppressed communities, especially when its not popular. I asked HR to educate staff to stop using the AntiWhite stereotype “white Privilege” on the floor, and was labeled as having racial animosity and fired by way of a work place violence restraining order. Hearsay only required. It’s law-fare, and I had to fold my lawsuit to get them to stop it.
 I can’t work with a RO on my record in healthcare and they know it. They are also allowing staff to harass innocent elderly sick people by mislabeling them racist if they…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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