Jacob’s legal defense fund closing April 20th.

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Ending soon! If you’ve been meaning to help, now is the time.

Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fundraising drive ends this Friday, April 20th. https://www.fundedjustice.com/stories/8DLQMc?ref=tw_d6xFSa

This fundraising campaign for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense will end this weekend, as his parents prepare to go to Charlottesville for the beginning of his trial. He has been refused a change of venue, or bail. He has not had his charges lowered nor been offered a deal to plea to a misdemeanor and come home with time served, even. His lawyer has not been paid thousands of pledged dollars by an organization which dissolved itself recently, leaving a balance due of several thousand dollars owed to Jacob’s attorney. However, we are still confident that he will come home free. If you received an early tax refund and have a few extra dollars to spare, please consider giving in the next few days before this…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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