The great exodus (of Whites) out of America’s blue cities

The Roper Report

This is exactly what I predicted in The Balk and updated you on in EthnoState. Whites are moving out of nonWhite areas and voting with their feet in voluntary migrations to New America. The author uses economic reasons as euphemisms for racial ones, as so many libtards do, but we know why people are bugging out, and so do they. 

From The Hill

Am I the only one in my spinning class at Equinox in Manhattan who’s fed up paying $200 every month for a gym with clean showers, $3,000 in rent every month for an apartment without cockroaches and $8 every morning for a cup of coffee? Am I the only one moving through the greater part of New York City boroughs and seeing an inexorable march of urban decay matched with the discomfort of crowding and inexplicable costs? I know I am not.

New York is the most…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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