Ground SIGINT: Low Noise Receiving Loop Antenna


20160131_111626Part of the joy I get as an instructor and consultant is the diverse and quality interactions I have with students. Everything from their thoughts on what makes a good homestead or their successes as preppers to their favorite shortwave stations, its a blessed perspective that I get from everyone and something I like to be able to pass on to everyone else. In one of the recent classes a very brief conversation ensued just on the utility of shortwave and how these days its becoming more challenging to listen into good stations, both because of the number of stations going off the air and the sun cycle approaching its minimum, limiting propagation and increasing the signal to noise ratio. Reception can be tough, and just like how we want to ring the most efficiency possible out of a transmitting antenna, we need to do the same for reception. We…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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