The Roper Report (TRR): Charlottesville On Trial

The Roper Report

In ‘Charlottesville On Trial’, Billy gives a detailed, blow by blow account of the first day of the trial of Jacob Goodwin in Charlottesville, Virginia, from the jury selection process to the multiple perjuries of alleged victim DeAndre Harris. The full background of Jacob’s case is recapped, along with a realistic assessment of what the outcome may be for us, as well as for our enemies. THEY, not we, are the ones who are really on trial, for WE will be the final judges, juries, and arbiters of justice, when the final battle is over. Billy also gives a full report on this past weekend’s Faith and Freedom Conference with The Knights Party, The League of the South, and the ShieldWall Network in the Arkansas Ozarks, responds to Christopher Cantwell’s latest race-mixing excuses, and explains why CivNats really are cucked.


Also available on the Billy Roper Youtube channel.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.