The enemy of my enemy.

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If the Croats and Serbs can work together after their genocidal civil war of the 1990s to fight the Muslims, then certainly America’s post-balkanization ethnostates of Franklin, Ozarkia, New Albion, Deseret, and Cascadia can, to fight their common adversaries, as well. People on the right need to remember that ‘ally’ is not a synonym for love just as ‘enemy’ is not a synonym for hate. 

“One of the main things the Templars do in Europe, is that we pull together white people who are trying to kill each other,” Dowson said during the interview about animosities between Catholic Croats and Orthodox Christian Serbs in the Balkans. “We do pull together Serbs, and Serbs and Croats, and Serbs and Hungarians…What we have to do is unite and fight the common danger that’s facing us.”

In the same interview, Dowson claims to have met with the right-wing Croatian writer Tomislav Sunic during…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.