Jacob Rosenberg, doxxer of Andrew Dodson, apparently doesn’t like being doxxed.

The Roper Report

Pictured: Jacob Rosenberg before Andrew Dodson’s death. 

by Billy Roper

After yesterday’s article offering condolences and sympathy on Andrew Dodson’s passing, and expressing displeasure with the Jewish reporter, Jacob Rosenberg, who chose to publicize Andrew’s name and created the environment which led to his death, some people were understandably outraged.

I’m not sure why Jacob Rosenberg has since removed his e-mail address and picture from his own website, or taken down his Linked In profile completely. Those curious enough, such as other journalists, perhaps, may wish to ask him via Twitter, as his profile there is still up, for now.  As a reporter one would think that those tools would be important career-wise.  However, I have to agree at least in part with the anti-White, self-described leftist who commented on the article that our side, i.e., pro-Whites, do not engage in harassment of those with whom we disagree like…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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