The White Minority Illusion

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Not to encourage CivNats, because the increase in identity politics, especially accompanying the ongoing voluntary internal migrations resulting in racial segregation by region within the United States, makes national unity under ANY of the contending forces less likely than ever, but what liberals fear is that their necessary pandering to identity politics for nonWhites will create a backlash among Whites and a growing sense of corresponding political racial identity. Combined with growing regional racial segregation through voluntary migrations, that will equal balkanization. This portends a white pill for the Balk Right. 

by Damon Linker

The Week

If there’s one thing that’s sustained liberals through the trials of the 2016 election and its aftermath, it’s faith that demography will come to their rescue to ensure that they eventually prevail against the right-wing, racist populism of the Trump-era Republican Party.

That assumption, which originated with the “emerging Democratic majority” thesis…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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