The Left Is Promising to Bring War To American Streets

The Roper Report

Pictured: Balk Right leader Billy Roper predicts a coming civil war and breakup of America along racial lines at the Nationalist Solutions conference in June 2018.

Chaos is coming to the streets of America, and it is going to be here a lot sooner than many conservatives would dare to imagine.

You might want to start taking the radical left seriously.  When they tell us “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” and that “this is just the beginning”, they are making threats that they intend to back up.  There have been other times in modern American history when the left has resorted to physical intimidation and violence, but I believe that what is coming is going to far surpass anything that we have ever experienced before.

Of course, not everyone agrees with me.  On Monday. I authored a piece about the “civil war”

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Target: Transsexuals and Pedophiles

The Roper Report

Police: Man took pictures of women in Target changing room

While Target remains steadfast in allowing men to enter women’s dressing and restrooms, the number of victims of sexual crimes occurring in its stores continues to rise.

Last week, in a Detroit, Michigan area Target store, police say two sisters caught a man reaching over their dressing room door and taking pictures of them with his cell phone.

No Target employee questioned the man or attempted to stop him from entering the women’s restroom because Target’s official policy allows men free and unrestricted access. This policy has resulted in over a dozen crimes being committed by sexual predators taking advantage of it.

To make things worse, the local television station reported the suspect is accused of doing the same thing earlier that day at the Target in Auburn Hills.

As we have stated many times, our worries stem from both…

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Why Lasers Are Gaining Popularity

The ShieldWall Network

ShieldWall Note: We recommend laser usage primarily on AR platform and related carbines, rather than on side arms, simply for the restrictions a laser places on concealed carry. 

Once appearing on the business end of a bad guy’s gun — a la Terminator — weapon mounted lasers and lights have leapt off the Hollywood big screen and onto the pistols of consumers looking to add more capabilities to their concealed carry and home defense pistols.

While training instructors years past discouraged the use of aiming devices, tides have turned and now more and more trainers and schools are coming on board the laser/light train. Why are laser/lights gaining steam in the training community and what advantages do gun owners have in slapping one on their gun?

Laser/light combos are devices that offer both illumination and laser aiming capabilities. The goal is to offer both a lighting solution that enables users…

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American Exodus: A Post Apocalyptic Journey (Catalyst)

The Roper Report

by J K Franks

One man’s desperate journey to get home in a post-apocalyptic world.

Steven Porter had a mostly charmed life, one that most people would envy, that is, until it all vanished. He was far from home on the day his world changed forever. How far does the devastation reach – the whole country, the world? Millions of people are fleeing the cities trying to find safety. Steve finds himself as one of those lost souls wandering the highways. Each step forward is fraught with peril. What will he find if he even makes it back home?

To survive the dangerous journey he must battle hunger, thirst and the relentless attacks by others as well as brutal response by our government that raises more questions than answers. What’s left of his world? Normal is a fading memory, survival is all that matters. His challenge is simple, adapt or…

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Activist arrested for child pornography, soliciting sex with children


Gay activist, child pornographer, etc. at Human Rights Campaign event Accused child rapist and child pornographer, etc. at Human Rights Campaign event

(Photo credit: The Other McCain and this tweet)

I want to be careful here and just stick to the facts.

Let’s start with the radically leftist New York Times, a former newspaper.


A Columbia University student whose global campaign against rape and sexual abuse of children earned him berths to speak alongside United Nations and State Department officials was himself charged this week with a series of sex crimes against children.

[…]He is charged with one count of enticement of a minor under the age of 18 to engage in sexual activity, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. He is also charged with one count of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of possession of child pornography and one count of receipt and distribution of child pornography, prosecutors said this…

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Heavy Flak Means That You Are Over The Target

Western Rifle Shooters Association

A reader sends via the “About” tab:

Subject: Websearching for WRSA – a change.

Hi, I want to inform you of something different happening when I websearch for WRSA. In order to go to your site, I start typing “western rifle shooters association” in the search box of my browser. (Been using duckduck go for about a year now, and before that, google, who I fired.) I would get to the letter F, and “western rifle shooters association” would pop up, usually as the second or third choice, as a suggestion under the search box. By the time I got to the letter S, your entire website title would show up as the very first suggestion. Not any more. About a week ago, windows foisted an update on my computer. It is the only update I have ever gotten up to now that stated “this is going to take a…

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