Building a Survival Group: What Preppers Must Know before They Get Started

The ShieldWall Network

Editorial comment: while much of this information is exactly what the ShieldWall Network, as a White Nationalist prepper’s collective, is already doing on a much larger scale than this author suggests, he does make some good suggestions which are applicable for our local unit leaders to follow as they tighten up their franchises in our expanding areas. 

by Jacob Hunter

The prepper community tends to idolize the lone wolf- the survivor who goes out alone in the wake of a disaster.

But the truth is that we humans have our strength in numbers.  If you want to truly be prepared for disaster, you need to build a survival group.


Ideally, your survival team would consist of 4-7 adults who are:

  1. Physically fit
  2. Mentally tough
  3. Able to contribute a valuable survival skill, such as hunting or building shelters.

In the real world though, it is unlikely that…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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