Another Student AAR For The RTO Course


Every class and every opportunity to work with great people is a gigantic blessing as well as a reminder of why I do this. For me, as noted at the end of this AAR, is the quality of student I get in class- to a person I’ve been humbled by the commitment and enthusiasm exhibited.

AAR Brushbeater RTO class 9-10 June 2018

This represents a group AAR, reflecting the opinions of four individuals in the class.

There were eight students, one woman and seven men, most from the southeast, but some from as far as California. One particularly gracious accommodation made by NC Scout and his family, for those who were not local to the area, was to provide a place for people to camp, an indoor shower and toilet, and hot, home cooked meals Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

Although an amateur radio background is not…

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