Field HF Rig Setup

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My primary field rig is an SGCSG-2020. This is not necessarily a recommendation, as they have been discontinued for a while now, and are somewhat hard to find used as their owners tend to hold on to them. I first saw one when my ham friend Adam bought one for mobile HF. He lives in an apartment in New York City, and thus was limited in the ability to put up HF antennas. With a modest mobile setup he worked some pretty good DX with this rig.


Most of the time I’m running CW in the field as it works better when running QRP and unlike digital modes only requires a simple CW key and no PC/tablet and soundcard interface.  Keys of choice are the classic J-38 straight key, and the J-37 configured as a KY-116/U leg key.

Antennas in the field tend to be simple wire affairs…

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