The Consequences of Fear by the Deep State

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Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.


The fear of the people is the foundation of freedom.

At one of our discussions this morning, my wife stated the above insight. The focus of the discussion was when the Deep State will assassinate Donald Trump.


The fear of the 2nd Amendment is the only reason Donald Trump has not already been assassinated.

There are two sides in the country but the stakes are global. Merkel, Macron and Trudeau know it. Soros knows it. The media knows it. The Deep State and its supporters have two choices: exposure (justice) or continued globalism (tyranny). Their only hope for victory is the death of the President. But there is the rub: would they survive the consequences of an armed populace? History tells them no. Desperation tells them they have no choice.


The Deep State is not protecting Hillary Clinton, they are protecting Barack Obama.

While Hillary Clinton’s crimes are legion, Barack Obama’s crimes are legend. If the people are able to handle the truth, I believe both would be found guilty of treason. Would the people accept the execution of traitors to be justice? Or would they give them a pass so that the country can heal? Do you feel that the divisions caused by the Deep State to expand their power can be healed?

So many questions and variables. The major weakness of the people supporting the Great Experiment is never discussed: if Donald Trump is dead, there is no one who would be able to replace him. And that may be the deciding factor for the Deep State’s next move.

David DeGerolamo

2 Responses to The Consequences of Fear by the Deep State

  1. Exring says:

    I don’t see any other suggestions. However, my brother has been suggesting that a different approach be taken, given that the one in the article would be very difficult to digest for the “moderate’ public.

    Try the treasonous ones. If convicted, strip them of all their wealth and use that to better support, LEGAL Americans that need help. Take away their Passport, send them to the first place they wish to go and be absolutely certain they (and the Public at Large) understand that should they return they would be executed. This makes it all their decision and if they choose to die we will do our part.

    I would very much appreciate any critique of this approach so a better one might be devised, should that be useful.

  2. Uncle Kenny says:

    It’s been nearly 10 years since Mike Vanderboegh first mentioned a solution to this problem. I won’t put a link here, but entering “Vanderboegh 100 heads” in your favorite search engine will still bring up the article.

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