Making fire and lighting cigarettes with sunlight

Additional survival tricks

Making fire and lighting cigarettes with sunlight

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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StormWatchDiagramFigure 1: Diagram of making fire by a mirror.

StormWatchBurnsCigFigure 2: Lighting a cigarette by sunlight. Smouldering is visible after 27seconds.

I used here

1. a  device consisting of a lens and a mirror right behind it (see following pictures),

2. then another alternative device being the dial face of an unusual Storm brand Remi watch (in the above pictures).

The combination of a lens and a mirror right behind it produces a large aperture system giving high power concentration and it also has light weight and convenience for cigarette lighting. My 60mm lens and mirror system with aperture ratio of d/f =60/65 = 1/1.1 regularly makes…

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