Arkansas ShieldWall Network Meeting and Campout Report

The Roper Report

The 2018 ShieldWall Network summer campout was a lot cooler than last year’s, and not just temperature-wise, either. Charles gave us all a presentation on compass reading, map orientation, and wilderness direction finding both at the statewide meeting Saturday afternoon, and later as a hands on presentation in the woods at our campsites. He also made each campout attendee their own set of Ranger beads, and taught us how to use them to measure our distance travelled while walking over rough terrain.

Friday afternoon we set up camp, pitched our tents, unpacked our gear, and then made a three hour hike down the creekbed to visit a breathtaking nearby waterfall, identifying edible and medicinal plants and wildlife along the way. At one point during the hike we smelled something decaying, and at first we thought that Chris Irwin must have found us, but it turned out to just be a…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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