SWN E TN Supports U.S. Borders at Anti-Trump Demonstration

The Roper Report

About one hundred leftist anti-border advocates, most of them illegal immigrants, their felonious employers and mudsharks, or the liberal women of both genders who support the third world invasion of America, descended on downtown Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday, where they were opposed by patriots supporting our nation and its founding people. A brave stand of White Nationalists made their voices heard outside the City County building, despite the threats of physical violence by the same Knoxville Black Lives Splatter founder who attempted to assault a lone Christian protester at the pro-Pedophile PrideFest on Saturday. David Hayes is well known in the local black community, for example, for his practice of the “down low” culture prevalent among bisexual African-American men. Some in the area believe that Knoxville public defender Chris Irwin, an Antifa activist who refused to say whether he supported the Knoxville Police department when questioned on video recently, may…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.