Target: Transsexuals and Pedophiles

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Police: Man took pictures of women in Target changing room

While Target remains steadfast in allowing men to enter women’s dressing and restrooms, the number of victims of sexual crimes occurring in its stores continues to rise.

Last week, in a Detroit, Michigan area Target store, police say two sisters caught a man reaching over their dressing room door and taking pictures of them with his cell phone.

No Target employee questioned the man or attempted to stop him from entering the women’s restroom because Target’s official policy allows men free and unrestricted access. This policy has resulted in over a dozen crimes being committed by sexual predators taking advantage of it.

To make things worse, the local television station reported the suspect is accused of doing the same thing earlier that day at the Target in Auburn Hills.

As we have stated many times, our worries stem from both…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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