Hellebore, Nettles and Jimson Weed

The Orthosphere

Let me begin by confessing that I have edited academic anthologies, and published several chapters in them, so I am guilty of adding my mite of bombast to those miserable magazines of bombastry.

We have the word anthology from the Greek anthologia, which is literally a bouquet or collection of flowers.  The metaphorical nosegays that we call anthologies of literature appeared in the Renaissance, and were collections of the “flowers” of classical poetry, epigram and myth.  The editors of these anthologies collected texts that were scattered, but also selected texts that were best.  It was their selecting of the best that justified the comparison of their collections to bouquets of flowers.

If the modern academic anthology has a botanical analog, it is not a fragrant bouquet, but rather a ragged bundle of hellebore, nettles and jimson weed.  The editor of an academic anthology does not collect the best.  He…

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Are You An Amazonian Citizen?

Chateau Heartiste

Jeff Bezos, world’s richest robber baron and owner of the Bezos Blog (the newspaper formerly known as the Washington Post), just made another few billion dollars, thanks to the tireless efforts of traitorous scumbag Chamber of Commerce Republican cucks who never saw a cheap labor donor dollar they didn’t like.

You really gotta cringe at the third person anthropomorphizing corporate lingo. “Amazon applauds”, Amazon chastises, Amazon feels bad for the border beanlets, Amazon extends its condolences to America, Amazon loves gay play!…

And how fucking Orwellian is “Amazonians”? Krist, the hair is standing on the back of my neck…

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