Economic Secession and the Second Civil War

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ShieldWall Note: Yesterday, #secondcivilwarletters was the top trending hashtag for much of the day on Twitter. Today, #secondcivilwar is near the top, on the 4th of July. While this article is interesting, the nonWhite interviewed (whose view of a coming civil war is given more credence by the interviewer because they are nonWhite and not just some malcontent racist White) makes the fatal error or forgetting that both the American Revolution and the War for Southern Independence began for economic reasons, too. The former as colonists felt a tiny tax bite, compared to the one we shoulder today, in order to reimburse their government the expense incurred in defending them during the French and Indian War, as depicted here. The latter, to preserve the South’s cotton production staple and means of production against the more industrialized economy of the North, as I’ve explained. Economic reasons often accelerate or…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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