Help Michael Miselis (with commentary)

The Roper Report

Northrop Grumman, the employer which fired Michael Miselis, a 29 year old PhD. student and aerospace engineer, for having been at Charlottesville, despite the fact that there was no indication his political views affected his work, does receive government funding through defense contracts. But, so does Frontline, the PBS program funded by tax dollars, which took part in the public doxxing of him following the extended anti-White witch hunt. Like The Daily Beasts’s Kelly Weill’s recent articles exposing an even worse than usual anti-White bias in the controlled media, the politicization of journalism, to give them the most generous term available, means that they have taken sides in the emerging conflict irrevocably, and are therefore legitimate targets of doxxing through the simple and legal compilation and republication of publicly available data easily found online, themselves. Since their editors and media owners are also anti-White, they won’t get fired, but they…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.