Youtuber Makes AR Lower Receiver from Spent Brass

The Roper Report

YouTuber GunCraft101 posted a video where he makes his own brass AR-10 lower receiver from fired cases.

GunCraft101 starts with 1,425 fired cases to make a 13-pound blank. He then spent about 60 hours turning the blank into one of the coolest AR-10 lowes known to man. You really have to admire this guy’s commitment to producing something with his own hands.

GunCraft101 answered some questions in the video’s description that he anticipates will be asked:

Answers to FAQ’s:

– This took around 60 hours total build time. The brass was significantly harder to machine than the aluminum can lower, so each cut took longer.

– I don’t expect any problems with it holding up over time. They make these out of plastic and they work fine. The lower receiver doesn’t take that much stress in use with an AR platform.

– My mill is a Grizzly 0755:…

– I…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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