So, What Role Will Militias Play In The ‘Upcoming Unpleasantness’, Anyway?


This is a response, of sorts, to a post done a month ago over at Forward Observer. It’s an important read. I don’t disagree with the key points, but there’s a definite context that needs clarification. As one who’s been on the receiving end of the policy points made in the white paper which Sam linked, the ramifications range from good to very bad and was loaded with unintended consequences. Fomenting local armed groups have to have an end state- an end state that’s often wildly misunderstood.

‘Militia’ is a loaded term in the United States. Say it in a crowd and you’re likely to get some interesting responses. While the PR campaign of the 90s did a number on armed conservative groups, the term ‘militia’ has come to be one that’s misunderstood among most- and that’s a problem. A militia is a non-governmental armed group with an explicit…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.